Sri Hari, Dearest,

I am speechless. You move Godspeed.

I have to be extremely careful

Plant I what seed.

In my prayer towards You,

Which hardly ever takes a tangible shape.

But, when it does,

You move faster than any hurricane!


Eternally grateful and humbled

I am to You.

Even energies of Kashi pale,

When I find myself in front of You.


The purity, the immensity of Your beingness

is blinding my eyes.

Even to look at You, I often feel shy.

The vibration, the frequency is beyond

what any words could describe!

Electric currents often running down my spine.


So much magic permeating Your essence,

inside out.

Countless find in You,

what they are looking for in life.


You can choose to embody any idol there is.

For I have witnessed You change

even Your physical shape, the expression of You,

to custom mirror, reflect a person sitting in front of You.


No matter how difficult it is to fathom this

for our limited minds,

for You, nothing seems impossible,

no matter how much we try!


What a mystery, You truly are!

I must have accumulated

some good karmas in my past lives,

That I have discovered You, in this one,

hopefully my last one!


I am sorry for the times

when I have let You down.

Yet, You have never failed me, ever,

 or closed Your heart down.


There is enough space in it, for everyone

who discovers and surrenders onto You.

You truly are unparalleled! And I mean it.

No one can ever stand in par with You.


Bathing in silence, with my eyes closed,

 amidst Your energy pool

Is when I experience You strongest.

I feel whole. I feel complete.

So much so, that even singing glories, aarti time

Is too gross an energy for me.


Eternally grateful

for taking me under Your shelter

For carrying me through….

You are the Ultimate! One day,

I truly hope & pray

to dissolve into You.



Even though my deepest bond with You,

Has transcended Your exquisite gross form.

Yet, when I am gone from here,

I will sure miss your physical form.


I will then be looking up to the sky.

And searching for You, for the solace.

The highlight of my life!

Sri Hari! Swamiji! Jai!


🙏🏻💞Timeless Love & Gratitude💞🙏🏻

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