I have been to shrines uncountable

a phenomenon is common to them

an idol of stone is worshipped more dutifully

than honoring a devotee in need of shelter or refuge in that temple.

A devotee can be evicted or shooed away

without a moment’s notice

for violating a rule, regarding the maintenance of the idol.

But why the devotee was there in the first place,

in the temple premises, is often not looked into deeply,

their inner turmoil not felt, 

their stories lack-luster, in front of the popular idol’s brilliance.

The fabricated rules for maintaining the idol, generally not necessary

are more important than the seeker.

The Rulers or Trustees of that idol,

consider themselves more powerful

than the seekers or worshippers who throng their provincial arena of politics.

More powerful, these ignorant bosses, think they are

than compassion, benevolence and forgiving energy residing in the idol. 

Spirituality fails yet again,

over and over, again and again

to instill the basic intelligence in humans, in its caretakers

that its not the idol that matters,

what matters is, the message that idol stands for.

The message of love, evolution and healing,

of self and others.

The message of brotherhood, forgiveness and compassion.

An idol does not stand for archaic rules

regarding its maintenance and presentation,

regarding politics in its management. 

For the inner energy of the idol will leave,

it will fade, without warning, as it is not bound,

if the deity residing in the idol sees

its managers, failing to provide shelter or forgiveness to their fellows,

failing to become what the deity wanted them to be

and not just let their idol become another shiny bust, of abandoned energy,

due to weakening spirituality around it,

specially in its caretakers, and the people ruling the roost, running the show,

due to compassion in them loosing the war

to their self-manufactured rules for its maintenance, often not thought through,

to rules, that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things,

to rules, that lack inspiration and widening of thought processes.

What good are these rules and these idols,

if the hands and the minds taking care of them on a daily basis,

fail to absorb the sacred message and innocent energy of their revered idol,

and thus, be unable to inspire or change the lives of the seekers,

who get to see the holy idol rarely, after much hardship. 


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