There is a Master Artist who lives,

Somewhere high up in the Heavens…

The sky is His Canvass,

On which he splashes myriads of colours..

When His heart is filled with love,

He paints in shades of red, orange, and pink…

When His heart overflows with joy,

It is a beautiful blue shade..

Where does blue end, or pink begin,

One cannot comprehend…

As one colour blends into another…

He creates new shades and colours,

Which one hasn’t ever seen before,

And may not see ever again…

When sadness fills his heart,

Shades of grey are the colours he chooses…

And when it’s the turn for anger,

An angry dark grey is the colour…

He rumbles his anger in a deep growling sound,

And then pelts it down,

As rain drops on the ground…

Somedays He is in a playful mood,

So he blows out clouds..

Some teeny weeny, some big and fat,

One shaped like an alligator,

Another like a swan…

But not one cloud looks just like another…

And if you look closely,

You will find that an alligator this moment

Becomes a giant in the next !!!

Never does one painting resemble another He paints…

Forever they are changing their colours and shades!!






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