I can never put in words what you did for me,

Can the child ever thank the womb, Can we ever give back to the earth what is does to sustain us for millions of years.

I was caged and dropped in the middle of the ocean, i was thirsty in an endless desert, I was bare in scorching sun.

I was gasping for that breath of air, parched for that drop of water.

You my lord, the owner of my life, my guru, my Swami

You gave me a shore, an island, an oasis.

You led me to a sanctum, to that beautiful garden where the nectar of your smell waged through, you show Me those eyes of Karuna that I can never see anything more beautiful, not even some one born out of me.

My Gurudev, infinite obeisance…

In my most difficult times, I reached out to you and you my master, gave me your hand pulled me out and took me where all… I can never say.

What all I am, what all i will be is all your doing my master.

I am your salve, I a mere stone was polished by your grace. I am a road side pebble, the one often overlooked and stamped upon. You chose to shower your grace.

Did I deserve it, definitely not.

You chose me my lord, you chose me, chose me to make me what I am my guru.

I am forever indebted to you and your bhakta Prahlad ( sadhvi ji)