O Creater, you are the Master Weaver, creating a beautiful tapestry with myriads of colours, and this small insignificant being is nothing but a yarn in your masterpiece. The colours of happiness and sadness that you give to my life are only to add to the richness and beauty of this tapestry.ย 

With the same diligent hands with which you have spun out this yarn, you are spinning out millions of others in all hues and colours. All these yarns belong to you and you alone. And each yarn is special with its own unique combination of colours. And each of these yarns is precious to you adding to the beauty and completeness of your tapestry.

What am I but a miniscule particle in your vastย  and endless creation. And my existence will last only for milli-fraction of a second in comparison to the eons of time already gone by, and the eons that are yet to come. So how is it even possible for me to even imagine that I could understand the intricacy of the design you are creating. The magic you are weaving. But tell me, how can I not be grateful, that you have given me existence, that you have allowed me to be a part of this magnificent creation and actually allowed me to be aware of it at least for a small while, for making me realise that I am alive!!!