Blog- The meaning of Generosity or humanity
I will explain the meaning by narrating a story
In a foreign country , a rich person or say a National went to home of a old poor lady and saw that her home was shabby , not looking good – tin roof shade and curtain was made of sack (bora)clothes . He offered $2000 US and said “what will you do with this money , will you change the curtain of your home or change the roof tin shade ?.”
She has replied that “NO” she will offer this money to a real needy person who has no roof at all .
The essence of story is to serve the human being, to live for others , if you live for yourself it is not a big job , everybody live for himself and for his family ,

You would feel the enjoyment or feel the pleasure when you become the wind under the wing of destitute , unfortunate and less privileged human being .GOD starts smiling and provide all worldly comfort to  you in this birth.

May GOD bless