The Meaning



Existence is

But not because of

Any meaning!

There’s no ‘meaning’—

To Life.

To Death.

Meaning is Mind’s inability

To see.



There’s a ‘purpose’! 

Purpose to evolve

To expand

To touch

The highest state of Life!


All the pain, all the pleasures—

Are just experiences

In Ignorance!

What’s the meaning of ignorance, um?

It’s as if you say:

Darkness has a meaning!

Darkness has no meaning!

As it’s only an absence of light,

Even so, every experience. 

As there’s an absence of Awareness

Of one’s true nature, 

Does all these experiences

Have a meaning!

So, meaning

Is always relative

To an absence of ‘knowing’.

You know not—

Therefore you seek.

You don’t understand

Therefore you ask

“What does it all mean‽”


What about the inevitable ‘Why?’, you ask.


So that you learn my friend!

So that you grow! 

Thank you.
Image Credit: Unsplash

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