Were there many 
Sparkling nights
Among the glitters
Was that one star….

Above the sky 
Glazing bright 
The burning light
Was that one star…

Resting on thunder
With a scar
Peeping out of clouds
Was that one star….

The sky went dark
Oceans waved high
Spiriting yet strong
Was that one star…..


Staring at the storm                                                                                             

While Whirling clouds
Sitting above
Was that one star…

Like the glazing sun
Glorifying the night
Lighting the sky
Was that one star…


The storm forgotten
But gifted a scar
Yet shining bright
Was that one star…


The broken night

With falling stars
But holding them
Was that one star

Once all calmed
Struggle was gone
Cheering them all
Was that one star
 Staring at sparkles
Celebrating the stars
The counting stops then
At the millionth star!

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