How often have you thought that you have to achieve something for yourself or your family or for the society or for the world and you end up waking next day morning to the silver rays thinking about the later day activities to be done…
But your thoughts for acting for those achievements are on pause….

Keeping it simple ..I see mind to be most powerful..
We see if the mind plays evil…we are called devil
And if mind plays divine..we are good…we are good here not for the divine..the divine here does also says “do what’s right,do what’s justice,do what’s peaceful and rightly productive for people around you..” And when you do that the results does bring you happiness too..isn’t it…..

I feel the mind directs and the heart fuels…..
The mind directs our actions and those actions brings results..doesn’t this say that biggest of wars,most motivating of lives,most engaging of loves,most damaging of the fights,and most devastating for the beings…where just a result of those minds..?
Then how powerful minds where they…..
I think the mind will be at peace when it has nothing else to learn in apart from itself or in itself..and the mind has more to hold than the universe…..
But the universe is constantly changing… You see its ‘constant’ and also ‘changing’ at the same time..and my mind sees things it wants to see rather now how it is in reality…
What the mind witnesses is its reality…
There is also a reality check that needs to done within ourselves…have I made anyone smile…?from the heart??
Have I made anyone cry?? Have I justified my deeds??? 
Now if we ask ourselves If everything by me is done right then does it matter?? 
Well I think it doesn’t make it difference to the universe we learn from but it does make a difference to our universe that we live in…..
According to history the world had time then has time now and will have time later but the point is it keeps changing..
Earlier there where divines walking the earth….then there came devils challenging the divines…
And now there is devil and divine both inside our mind…
If I feed the devil I’m a devil and if I feed divine I’m a human…the root of our results are within us…and the cause of our world is from us…when we see it to be at the end for us..we will begin to think for the world…

Everywhere..every time.. mind matters!