He used to see two pairs of footsteps being left behind as he walked – one pair of his steps and the other, a little bigger, of his God. But once there was a storm. He was tired and exhausted. But what troubled him most was that only one pair of steps was now visible. Gradually, time passed, the storm eventually settled. Again, he saw two pairs of footsteps. Puzzled and frustrated, he lashed, “Where were you then?” A sweet voice replied, “Try to recall those footsteps dear …” And as he tried to recall, he realized with moist eyes. “… Yes dear, those were my footsteps, as I carried you in my lap.”- continued that sweet voice.

I don’t really know how many years ago I came across this story, probably in newspaper, just like this one. A few days ago, it just popped up in my mind so thought to share it here.