It was a dark night with sparkling stars. Two shadows were walking with an extreme of silence when one of them suddenly stopped and a soft and humble voice broke the silence “what a good night it is!”


“Look at the sky; the beautiful sky, full of bright stars!”

“Don’t you see the background which makes the stars brighter? In fact, it’s the darkness of canvas that makes the stars bright and beautiful as a painting. It’s me- the monster-who makes your existence brighter.”

They kept walking towards the river with arguments for their own sides.

“In fact, you are missing one more thing. The canvas is big and stars are few-twinkling-twinkling-little stars, you see monk…” He laughed out loud and continued

“….you are a few while my kingdom has no end.”

“Well! What about the sun? It destroys your whole kingdom!” monk was smiling,

“But it’s cyclic, and this too doesn’t show your hugeness”

They were at a river where the sun was painting the river with his beautiful rays.

“Look Monster, See the dawn! The beautiful dawn!” the monk bust out in joy “now you have to


“Did you notice the little lamp in the night carried by that person? That small lamp is enough to destroy your kingdom. With that light I can walk with you in the dark but can you walk with me in this beautiful light? Creating light in darkness is easier than creating darkness in light. This is the secret of our existence and the beauty of this world.”

The monster became speechless and disappeared slowly as the sun became brighter.