A story of Elderly Women and the students 

The elderly women was in queue ahead of me for a corona booster shot at the government hospital. When her term came, she went and stood next to the nurse.

Nurse:  Come, sit down and roll up your sleeves.

The elderly lady yelled loudly before the nurse began to shoot the injection, which shocked the nurse.

Angrily, the nurse asked, “Why are you shouting?”

The elderly lady:  See, you really hurt me the last time. Be cautious this time.

Nurse: Don’t worry, nurse (laughed). It is a painless injection.

E.Lady- You said the same thing last time, yet I was in pain for nearly a week.

Nurse — Hmmm. It’s an injection, not a tablet. It will cause minor discomfort for a short period of time.

E.Lady: Why do others not feel pain while I feel pain? I think you are not giving me the correct shot.

Nurse: You either take it here or go to another center where they would shot you injection painlessly. Do not irritate me.

E.Lady: Who pays for the auto to travel that far? You? See, I don’t have any grudge against you and we are not enemies. So please do not hurt me by inserting the needle too deeply into my muscles.

Hearing this, everyone in the room, including the nurse, burst out laughing.

Now it was my time. I took the booster dose before sitting for a minute next to the window on a chair.

Then I overheard a few folks discussing something near the window. When I looked outside, I saw 1st and 2nd-year PUC college students. They were pushing each other to the front to take the medication. However, no one in the group was willing to take the dose first. Everyone wants to go after the other guy. They were truly terrified of the discomfort of the injection.

I felt a little fond of them because they were from the same college where I had completed my PUC, so I questioned the reason for their visit, although knowing the reality.

Students: Anna(Brother), We’ve arrived for the corona vaccination. Our lecturer directed us here. But is it okay if we get the vaccination the next day?

That made me laugh really hard.

Me: What about today? You’ve come all the way from college, skipping classes just to get these shots, but you’re suddenly hesitant to take them.

I attempted to persuade them to get the shots, and even the nurse and other staff members spoke up, but they all hesitated and refused, and they began escaping as soon as they could.

Everyone in the hospital, including me, burst into laughter at their defiance.

A Secret

Now I’d like to reveal a little secret: I’ve come to this hospital at least a half-dozen times to get this shot, but every time I’ve left without getting vaccinated because I’m frightened of needles. LoL. I am very phobic about injections. I can’t even look at someone who is getting the shot.

Doctors in my School

During my time in nursery school, a team of doctors came to my school. They were injecting all the students to prevent the spread of some diseases. And I was the class leader at that time. The class teacher asked me to form a line and bring the students to the hall for getting injections. So I formed the line and directed them that way. Then i slowly leapt from there and raced directly to my house, hiding in the god-worshipping chamber, which my mother didn’t realize. Teachers and office boys flocked to my home. My mother notified them that I had not returned home. Everyone was taken aback, wondering where I had gone. And when my mother found me, she scolded me and laughed hysterically.


When i was sick, my mother drove me to the hospital. When i was examined by the doctor, he instructed the nurse to give me an injection. Upon hearing this, i felt as if i couldn’t breath. So, to avoid being spotted, I quietly got from my bed and fled the clinic in a flash, leaving the chappals behind. My father was seated on an Aram chair in the open space in front of my house, talking with one of his staff members. I went behind him to conceal. He inquired as to what transpired. “Nothing,” I said.

After a few moments, my mother arrived. And inquired whether he had seen me. Why? Baba inquired. She described what occurred at the hospital. He and the others present laughed, and Baba asked, “Oh, is that?” That doctor is dumb.Who gives injections these days? There are numerous medications available on the market. He should have suggested pills instead of needles. Okay, now we’ll both go in a few minutes and ask for some tablets. Baba said to Amma(my mother), “You leave this to me”.

After a few minutes, we both went to the same doctor, who happened to be my father’s friend. I was very much fearless and very confident. When he saw us, the doctor laughed. My father then lifted me onto his shoulders, gripped me tightly, and warned me not to shake. and requested that the doctor deliver the shot to me. Please, Baba, I begged. But he refused to let me go.

He stopped on his way back to buy some chocolates for me as a token of his apologies, but I didn’t speak to him for a few days.

From then on, if I fell ill, he would drive me to the hospital, and if the doctor directed me to give an injection, he would hold my hand and ask me to cooperate. I used to collaborate with doctors by closing my eyes out of love and respect (since my father was holding my hands and I had no way out).

Ready to Drink

In 10th grade, I felt ill as a result of exam stress and a poor routine. I went to the hospital with my mum. The doctor instructed the nurse to give me an injection to help me recuperate fast. But I firmly opposed it. My mother, on the other hand, was enthusiastic. Then I said, okay, pour the injection liquid directly into my mouth, without the needle.

What? He burst out laughing, and my mother joined in. He stated that it was not conceivable. “I’m not kidding, I’m a damn series!” I screamed angrily. You can either pour it into my mouth or inject it into each of my four arms.

Finally, I won, and instead of an injection, the doctor prescribed me some medications.

This is how I have failed at times and succeeded at others😀

Note: Isn’t it true that whenever we are afraid of something, no matter how trivial, we are unable to address it and lose our ability to face them? However, regardless of how enormous it appears, when we are fearless, we automatically face everything effectively because we have inner stability within us.