Few hours back, I was walking back from my Monday 8 pm lecture and then a long discussion with a participant followed until I finally headed towards my little cottage at about 9:30 pm. As I reached the gate of the premises, suddenly my eyes caught the glimpse of a bright, beautiful and round white moon🌝, looking from behind the tall bamboo trees in the backyard. To get a full view of the moon, I walked few hundred metres back. Finally, the full moon was shining beautifully, radiating its pristine white aura in the otherwise clear black sky. Suddenly, my skin felt the coolness of the air touching it and also the cosy warmth from the light woolens that I was wearing. I literally deep inhaled the cold freshness of the environment with eyes closed. It filled my heart with so much contentment in the moment. And a subtle sense of gratitude about how blessed life is turning out to be. 

Amidst all this, unsuspectingly, yet so naturally, your thought came to my mind. It did not surprise me at all and I let the thought be – Are you also living this very moment beholding the beauty of the moon and allowing it to romance your soul? Are you also experiencing the same as I do in this moment? 

Oh well, wait , in your part of the world, it is still daytime.😐 The moon is yet to come. Are we really two seperate worlds apart? 🌏🌍 So apart? Or not so really. 

I then chose to cut the train of those thoughts. And I walked back to my cottage, touched and gleeful. ☺️🏡

Thank you, dear Universe. I love you. 🤍🌈💫

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