Few days back i was sitting silently and suddenly i started contemplating on “Love” what actually it is, there are endless philosophyies on love,and as I was going deep into Love that what it is for me..not conditioned by anybody but purely on my being i found out few points that i would like to share with you all…

For me love is to drown deep into it consciously.if you want to float or swim try something else not love.Love is to drown consciously and drowning deep is not comfortable.

Most of us are very comfortable just floating or swimming above but if you just keep swimming or floating you may be comfortable but you ll not find stillness and you ll just be on the surface doesn’t matter for how many years you are floating you ll be just be on the surface and having some momentarily fun..

But Love is to drown deep and let me make this clear that here drowning is conscious it’s not unconscious.Drowning consciously requires immense faith and when you have that pure faith surrender comes naturally and the one who has faith and surrender can only drown consciously.one who drowns with faith and surrender finds the stillness of the body,mind and soul and the one who finds the stillness of the body mind and soul will find the “Eternal Love, peace and Grace”.

Just like the surface of the sea may look like very stormy,but the deep inside it’s still and quiet.when you drown in Love completely you find the same stillness your life may look like very rough with ups and downs but deep in your being you are still and quiet..and trust me drowning in Love is beautiful and the most beautiful part about is that the more deeper you drown in Love the more your consciousness rises up.

May all of us drown deep in Love of our ❤️ Swamiji ❤️ and our isht…may his grace be on everyone..Love and light.. shambhoo 🕉️

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