Jagannmata Pahimaam!

I don’t know from where to start. I believe you all know about her story. How she took this form. Let me tell you something else.ย 

In the beautiful state of North India, Himachal Pradesh, there is abode of Maa Chhinnmastika, popularly known as Chintapurni Maa. Here Maa devi is present in the form of Swambhu Pindi (Holy Stone). To know her story click here.

From my childhood I was always inclined towards Mother Divine, feminine energy. So it was obvious that being as a Himachali I know about her Shaktipeethas in my home state. I visited Jwala Ji in 2018 for the very first time in this life and I always wished to visit Chintapurni Temple because it is believed that she takes away all your worries and grants all good wishes for our welfare. But unfortunately till 2019 it was my dream. In July 2019 I visited this holy place for the very first time alone. I wake up early in the morning and left for Chintapurni. On my way to Chintapurni there comes Jwala Ji Shaktipeeth and from there I switched my bus and boarded on a bus to Chintapurni and this time I said Maa Jwala today I’m going to meet your Chhinnmastika form. It was like she smiled and said go and see me there.

When I reached Chintpurni there comes a gate 3 km prior to main bus stand of Chintpurni. I thought this is the main Gate only and I got off the bus, over excited me…. And what next? I asked locals there, where is Maa’s temple, to which they replied: “Beta abhi to 3km aage hai.” It was summer and I have to walk but it’s ok, if this is what she wants then I’ll walk 3km to get her darshana. After 40 minutes I reached Chintpurni Bus Stand. There was something different in that air, air coming after touching her feet. I took off my shoes and purchased some offerings.

Guess what next? I was in front of her, no crowd, this was for the very first time in my life when I’m getting darsahana so easily in any Shaktipeeth. I spent almost 3-4 hours there. Looking at her and crying. I don’t know if she grants materialistic wishes but I gurantee that she will take care of your journey for this life and for life after the death. On my way back to my place again Maa Jwala Ji shaktipeeth comes and from here I had to switch my bus I decided to get her Darshana. I reached there at 03:00 pm so the langar was over already. I got her darshana and by this time I was starving because since last night I had nothing except water and I decided to avoid food from any restaurant. Is it possible that Maa will let you go hungry? When I was going down the stairs, someone called me from behind, “Beta suno” I turned around and he said: “Beta Bhojan kar lo Langar me.” What am I hearing correctly. The gate was closed and he is calling me for langar. He opened that door for me and I was the only person in that big hall who was having a meal.ย 

I cried while eating because Maa always look after me. Whether it’s Maa Jwala or Maa Chintapurni I accept her in all forms because she always accept her children.

In November 2019 I did my sadhana there in chintapurni, a night long it was. Will share my experience but no in this post.

So today is Chinnmastika Jayanti. Mother who cut off her own head. Three streams of blood. Why? This represents three states, three Naadis.ย 

Why Maa cut off her head? I guess it’s where all our worries, vikaras, ahankar lies. She is representing that I’m the destroyer of all these vikaras and that’s why she is known as Chintapurni. When Maa Jaya and Vijaya drank blood of demons, there was rise of tamsik bhava because this was the blood of asuras, tamsik. Maa handled this because she is Parashakti but Maa Jaya and Vijaya was not able to handle this and after drinking blood of demons they found themselves out of their control and their starving for blood increased. As there it is seen to cure poison we have make medicine from poison. This tamsik vikara was created by blood so now this could be cured by blood which is beyond trigunatmika. That’s why Maa cut off her head and balanced everything.ย 

“Vo Maa hi hai jo bacchon ki bhookh mitane ke liye apna sheesh bhi kaat de or apne baccho ki raksha me dusron ka.”

Meditate on her today and get her blessings.

Jai Mata Di!

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