What music do you want to hear asks my mind??
I answer “a music which reverberates my heart forever-the music of
To stand under the sky without  any worries
To enjoy each frame of life and make it freeze.
To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to walk a mile
Can you just make him smile.??
A funny joke, silly prank ,play it now or never,
A sound of ecstasy ,which will be a joy forever.
The eyes speak a million words when you make a person smile with ease,
Each word conveys only one meaning-True Bliss.
The wounds are healed the sorrows forgotten,
Laughter gods creation, a magic potion.
A walk in the clouds, a desire to touch the sky,
Hold my hand, Laugh with me and you will fly high.
Flowers bloom, clouds pour, the winds roar, birds sing, see the moon shine,
All natures way to show even we smile.
Life’s arena has many questions in a spree,
Do not falter, smile in unison to thee.
The grimmest battle will be fought with death as my adversary,
Victory shall be mine, my friend-The everlasting smile-necessary.
Long after I am gone, do not cry in vain,
My laughter-my legacy, you will gain.
It will be forever yours to keep,
Making you cheerful even in your sleep.
Close your eyes my friend, can you feel the music??