I have been observing very interesting, strange and mysterious phenomenon with my clocks for the last few years. It’s interesting because it catches the attention. It’s strange because it’s an unusual kind of thing to happen.  It’s mysterious because it is unexplained.

          This relates to my clocks which have been behaving interestingly, strangely and mysteriously whenever I go anywhere for few days keeping the house locked, leaving my clocks behind to show time to nobody.

             There are 4 wall clocks in my house and all work perfectly fine until I keep the house locked for few days. Since I am fond of travelling and exploring new places, it’s my routine to go for 5 days family vacation twice a year. During this time, our house remains locked. The interesting, strange and mysterious thing which I have always observed after returning back is that any two of the wall clocks had stopped and they show incorrect time as if they had refused to display the correct time when noboby is around to use them to know the time. 

          Most of the times the hand of the clock which indicates seconds is stuck at the random point, which otherwise is meant to run constantly. It keeps tick tocking at one point but is unable to move further to keep the time running.  However when we settle down after returning back, it starts moving mysteriously and the clocks starts to work, although it shows wrong time for which I have to set the time right always.

              For the first couple of such instances, I took it causally believing that batteries of the clock might had drained out and I changed the batteries but eventually when everytime, the time stood still on my clocks like this, it caught my fascination. I am writing this blog after returning from my recent vacation, when again I found my two clocks stuck in time.