The idea of competition is not about excellence or perfection but survival and every form of life inherits it naturally. Nature wants its creation to thrive. But you see how it came to be a wild goose chase for human beings for a mythical idea of success.
The idea of success is a fairytale as you can never achieve that does not exist. It is an unquenchable quest for ‘more’ and it’s ruthlessly fraudulent as ‘more’ is like ‘tomorrow’ which never comes. We have been cheated since the time immemorial.
It has caused so much violence, cruelty and misery in world ; and crimes and diseases in the name of progress.
As an individual one has to face from short term stress to sheer trauma while making one’s survival a possibility and it doesn’t matter whether you earn a billion dollars a day or procure a meal for a day to live by. It’s so plane to understand that the notion of competition for us is just a glorified instinct; a trance conjured up at the level of the mind just to make you wander like a zombie in the ocean of disorientation.
The dilemma is that survival is unavoidable. You have to be a part of it all without fail. You can’t tear yourself away to some la la land. So suffering is inevitable at all levels.
So if you just take a position of a neutral observer and look at things from a vantage point you see how badly the people around you are struggling to survive including your own self.
Once you see this you begin to be humble and compassionate as you know that they are like slaves to the hypnosis of their mind. Unlike other creatures humans are more pathetic and need your care and love. They don’t know what they are doing. They are violent, aggressive, cruel, and miserable. It is enough to make them have you care. ‘What about me then’…you are free now. You see yourself a character in the play but now you enjoy it and see what a fantastic drama is on…🙏