Dear Readers, 

This is in continuation with the floral journey of KARANJA, where I am currently residing. A small Naval Base.

Now, I will take you through the wide range of fauna here.

One can hear birds chirping and insects buzzing all the time. The song of Robin is very soothing in the morning and she is the one who wakes me up with her melodious sound. Other birds that one can watch and hear are Koyals, Parrots, Coucals, Hornbills, Kingfishers, Black Drongos, Blue Flycatchers, Sunbirds, Babblers, and Egrets. I even don’t know the names of others that I see. 

Can you guess, which guests we have these days at our shore? Yes, FLAMINGOES. There pink feathers, S-shaped necks, curvy bills and stilt-like legs are amazing to see. They are just stunning.

The nature (part 2) 1

The nature (part 2) 2

The deer and rabbits add to the life.

The nature (part 2) 3

The nature (part 2) 4

And here in the midst of Nature, stay our Heroes who protect our countrymen anytime and every time. For them, Nation comes first and everything follows thereafter. A big salute to these men and women in whites.

The nature (part 2) 5 Martyr’s Memorial and Pratigya Sthal

Thank you. 


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