I just logged in to osme and while scrolling found this amazing new feature in which we can ask our questions of every kind and get answers to them or answer others’ questions. 

The feature is still in testing phase, but all I can say is that it is so amazing and wonderful.

This new feature will help so many when they are seeking answers to some question but cannot get anyone to answer it for them, or when they are confused and need some clarifying words from someone.

Osme was already the coolest community out there and now this forum is becoming even better with cool new features.

I am personally really excited about this new feature, for I will get to read interesting questions and their answers by our community members. I will get to give answers to questions I have some knowledge or experience of. Also, if any question strikes my head, or bothers me, I can ask that too.

I want to thank osme team and Swamiji for bringing this surprising new feature. Gratitude.

Jai Sri Hari everyone!