Some nights, all I want is to be under the sky. With the stars and clouds being my visual. Don’t need the moon to be the knight in shining armour. A sense of having nothing. In all fashion, where the charm is been taken by the moon. 

Just for today, let’s just talk about stars. How they make the dark sky glitter, being like those small twinkling moments… Which makes us laugh for no reason. Making us remember those fairytales which made our childhood worth living for. 

These tales are still alive, we need faith for bringing them alive and imagination to live them more. Witnessing them brings in a sense of a fountain being exploded at the centre of my chest. 

Night can be beautiful only to those who want to sleep with the hush of blowing wind which travels through trees hitting you with freshness… Wake up to cold stars placed in the black space. 

The same goes for our in-built darkness which can be an important idea to grow with. But what if I say life will give you tiny-tiny hopes. One by one the whole place becomes a beautiful spectrum to view. We to grab a seat and watch the downfall with glory. 

How the darkest place can be home to beautiful and breathtaking episodes of life. A life that can only be cherished in darkness. Bring us close to ourselves. 

Uff! That pretty and exotic feeling of being enchanted by our own spells.