Looked up at the sky in the night. The stars were twinkling. The light was not so bright, that it can make me blind. It was pleasant and made me, inhale a fresh breath. And exhale as I smell the freshness of the air. We all have seen plenty of time the blue sky. It feels amazing, it feels lively and lightness the mood. Eventually, when you gaze the nigh you feel connected to your soul. Its maybe ,we never bother about the dark side to our personality.

Which resonates most at the night. It feels comfortable as it is shy in nature (our dark personality). The night gives us, calmness. A thing that we all need but are unable to find. We have locked up our self in the four walled room (which we call our home). Hence we don’t even bother to see the real home where we belong. Since, the night is dark out there. May be it will make us one step closer to yourself. It feel’s soothing.

Wondering that every lamp glowing near and far from me is a home to some one. A story.

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