If you are a science teacher or a science student you might have heard about Zero Group,Noble Gas Family,Inert Gas Family or Group 18 .It is present at the extreme right side of the Periodic table.

You will ask why I am telling you about this family.There is something special about this group.As a teacher while teaching chemistry I always felt special attraction about this group.I promise you will also feel the same when I will tell you about properties of this group with you which make these elements somewhat special .

After telling you briefly about these elements I will ask you a riddle ?

1.All elements of this Zero Group have fully occupied outer shell.So they are stable and unreactive.They become reactive only under extreme conditions.

2. Elements of Zero Group don’t form chemical bonds with each other.

3.They are monatomic which means they exist as individual atoms.

4.Zero Group elements are used to form an inert atmosphere to protect specimens.The elements are used in Neon lights, lasers and deep-sea diving.

I used to assign a new name to this Noble Gas Family ..Saint Family…

Now think and answer to my question: how does these properties relate to all our revered and beloved Saints ?

Do share your views …

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