Get me the honour of knowing myself,
Where birds chirp all day.
And water fills the clouds.

Ahhh…! You would say
That’s exactly not how
The mushroom blossom magic!

And the broom fly the planes.
Ohhh..! You would say
What an uneasy way..

Well, then i would say
How come you never save your days
Fiddling to fit in an uneasy way.

Auuch…! That’s how it sounds,
When the shining thing gets around
Be careful sweeite ;not the normal day.

Where the sun burns to eypoclypes
And the stars shine forever,
Wounder if sun was a star too?

Get the things in motion,
Nothing hits hard then devotion.
Every tiny plant has roots.

Don’t fall for easy things
Earn as the life; begins….
I must be a writer

Otherwise just a foolish fellow…
Roaming in the streets of clever clown.
Atleast i feel. the absonding life..

How great i live
Is just to small
Maybe, mine is just too far to hunt for…

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