The Omicron Variant of Covid-19 was first reported in a hospital of South Africa in November 2021. A doctor from South Africa noticed very different symptoms in a patient that was Covid-19 positive as compared to other positive patients. Most of the patients in that particular hospital were infected with the Delta Variant of Novel Coronavirus. So, This resulted in ringing the bell for the whole world that a new Variant of Novel Coronavirus has arrived. This Omicron Variant has spread in more than 100 countries till now.

The Omicron Variant spreads very fast as compared to the Delta Variant. It’s said that the faster a virus spread, the less lethal it will be. Since the Omicron Variant of covid-19 spreads faster; that means it will not be more dangerous. Many experts have said that the Omicron Variant will not cause serious hospitalizations and deaths like we had seen because of the Delta Variant in early months of 2021. Many scientists, mathematicians and medical experts who predict the upcoming surges of covid-19 cases with the help of mathematical models and scientific data have also predicted that a third wave of covid-19 will come in India because of the Omicron Variant but it will be mild if compared to the first 2 waves of novel coronavirus in our country. These experts are also saying that this third wave will also wind up soon because the Omicron Variant’s cases declines as fast as they increase like we have seen in South Africa. 

But still, India’s central governments and state governments are not taking this variant very lightly because of the lessons learned from the second wave of covid-19; which is really a very good sign for the whole country. India already has close to 600 cases of the Omicron Variant of covid-19. So to curb it’s speed; many states have imposed night curfews. Some of these states are- Uttarakhand, Kerela, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Many of these states have also banned new year parties so as to curb the surge of this new variant of covid-19. 

I pray to God that this new variant of covid-19 doesn’t spread that much as is predicted. May Covid-19 gets over with this Variant. May 2022 be remembered as the year( in the future) in which covid-19 ended all over the world. May you and your loved ones have a safe, healthy, fit and beautiful New Year.

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