It was the usual day at work, a long room filled with rows of working desks usually occupied by an army of colleagues but now sporadically due to Covid. During mid-day I noticed a 60 something, a grey-haired gentleman who walked around, a new face on the floor. I observed that he wished “greetings of the day” to some of my colleagues and sought the attention of  others. He walked around with pride looked for familiar faces and to be acknowledged. Some colleagues were polite, some entertained small chat, some just nodded, others ignored. I was fairly new, I did not fall under his purview; but he then stopped next to my desk to speak to a colleague who sat nearby. I overheard their conversation and gathered that this gentleman had worked with our organization for the last 30 years (wow!! All this time with just one organization/one employer) and today was his last day and had come to our floor to bid goodbye to colleagues he knew over the years. I listened quietly to their conversation, his uncertainty of how his retired days would be spent, how useful he could be in the household.
I was thoughtful and parallelly remembered the elders at home. Once upon a time, he/she would have been the head of the house, head of some department at an organization, a person who was looked up to, a decision-maker, a breadwinner, an influencer. Suddenly, they are a ‘Nobody’ who is not consulted upon, who is side-tracked, whose advice not given weightage, an insignificant person. All the wealth of experience and knowledge is ignored and any form of contribution dismissed nonchalantly “you don’t know about this, this is not like old school”. RUDE !!!!!
At this stage of life cycle, what is expected is some kind of “inclusion” (a very popular word in today’s corporate world) and be a part , be heard, be recognized, be accredited and be important. Apart from shelter, food & health let’s remember that inclusion is equally vital for their mental well-being and happiness.

Let’s respect, admire, appreciate and accept the offer of help and hey let’s not forget we will be there very soon.