The Open Gate

The gate is open
But a dense mist blinds
Light’s afraid to lose its way
Darkness fears it will disappear 
Both mix and stay
Wearing twilight’s shade
As requiems play
For the heart 
It’s melted into the mist
Longing for an embrace 
Swallowed by the mist or the gates?
The mind cares not
From stolen drops of light
It paints new gates
So we may forget our way
Before the mist clears
Revealing the open gate


Time’s light flickers
Waiting for the flight of moments
Coming to self-immolate
Like moths spiraling into a candle flame
Countless moments have receded
As time’s war chest grows
Eternity continues to bleed 
Hoping a precocious one survives
The mind’s inferno
Its wings can rest as a reward
While the moment waits
For a gentle spark to clean the darkness
So our eyes may see 
As the moment travels home