Anish exclaimed ‘Aunty come quickly…Kooky’s head is bobbing!’ Anish is my son’s friend, together they took me to see Kooky. Kooky and Redi(that’s coz she has red eyes) are my pet cockatiels.  Kooky’s head was shaking uncontrollably. I was worried for her and took her to the Vet.

He examined her ‘She’s probably hit her head somewhere.’

‘She flies in the house sometimes when I let her out and many a time, she’s unable to land and crashes down.’

 ‘That could possibly be the reason but as there are no brain scans for birds so there’s not much we can do for her. Give her these medicines.  See if it helps.’

My son was not at all happy with the news. We gave her the medicines but her condition deteriorated over the next few months. Earlier it was just the head bobbing but gradually she lost control over her whole body. She had trouble walking and started holding on to the cage to stop the head-bobbing.

But she kept going. Never giving up. Despite the pain and discomfort she must be feeling. She learnt to walk with her bent down on the ground for support. I was not happy to see her struggle. I did everything I could to help her. I got the feeding bowls down to her level. She didn’t have to climb up now. But as this quote says

Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

                                                                                            Napolean Hill.

I realized that she was not getting any exercise. Her muscles were getting weaker. Redi would push her over and she would fall easily. I would rant at Redi. So, the bowls went back to their original places. She now learnt ways to climb the cage again to get her food. Her condition began  improving. She could do little things on her own. Redi in the meanwhile was more aggressive – pushing her, nudging her away from the feeding bowl or biting her.

 So, I decided to separate them. I thought Kooky would be happy in a separate cage. But lo and behold they both were sad and kept calling out to each other all the time.

I had missed the other side of the story. Of the two Kooky was my favourite as she was more friendly and I had trained her to climb my hand. She was my favourite and received all my attention.

Redi was aggressive, wild and not at all friendly. After Kooky’s illness I would see Redi overpowering Kooky many times. Pushing her over. Grabbing her food. Kooky was my hero while Redi was the villain!

Why was Kooky missing her? This made me realize that Redi too had lost a partner and friend. It was tough on her as well. Kooky could not play anymore. They would not have any swinging matches on their swing. The happy times were gone. Redi had no playmate now.  

Kooky would be sitting on the feeding bowl for support so Redi had to nudge her away to get the food. I had misunderstood Redi. She needed my support and sympathy just the same as Kooky. It was a struggle for her to adjust to this new Kooky with limited mobility. No play. No fun. Her life had changed too!

This made me realize that as a human I have had sympathy for the person who was suffering from an illness. But what about the other partner or family members? Don’t they suffer just the same?

Having to be more positive and caring. Taking on added work and responsibility of the household and children if any. Plus, missing out all the fun and activities that he or she would enjoy with the other person. There’s always another side to every story.

Redi and Kooky are together. Kooky is still fighting.  And I am now  friends with Redi….🙂