It is always said by the enlightened souls of all the ages that if one wants to tread the spiritual path, one should adopt the non-judgmental approach in life. A person should practice being non-judgmental while leading his life and following the spiritual path.  In other words, it is said that a person should always try to be non-judgmental yet mindful of the things, people, emotions and events around him. 

              In the most simplest words, being non-judgemental is becoming an observer of life and not to decide about a behaviour or expression if it was right or wrong. It’s about looking at the things as they are. It is also said that non-judgment helps a person in development of the emphatic qualities. The less we judge, the more we love. Love and compassion become our first nature when we stop judging. As Mother Teresa has said, ” If you judge people, you don’t have time to love them”.

The question which always pricks my mind is ‘How a  person who works as a Judge can practice being non-judgmental’? It’s the work and duty of the judge to pass Judgements; to decide what’s wrong and what’s right.

Here the question is not how to work as a judge being non judgemental but how to be non judgemental while working as a judge.

Hope you can appreciate the difference and understand the real question. 

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