Everyone knows the saying – nothing ever grows under the banyan tree.

We all know that as the tree grows and spreads its branches wide, it produces countless aerial roots which become as thick as trunks. A mighty spectacle to behold, as a fully grown banyan tree can spread over acres of land.

But this majestic giant provides no nourishment to anything but itself. Anyone familiar with the proverb of the banyan tree knows that not a single thing grows under the mighty banyan. Not even a single blade of grass. It nurtures only itself.

At the very most, it provides shade to passersby or for animals and birds to take shelter. But it doesn’t bear any edible fruit – it just keeps growing implacably day after day, and when the banyan tree dies, its legacy is nothing but scorched and barren wasteland.

Take heed of the parable of the banyan tree when making a political choice. Remember that in politics too, if one party grows in a similar fashion to the banyan tree, it serves only itself. They might have a formidable, majestic presence but provide very little benefit to others, perhaps a little shade at the most. Do you want to support a banyan tree? Or do you want to support a mutual ecosystem of growth and strength that has a larger vision of a better future for everyone?

So, think carefully and vote. Remember the banyan tree and don’t focus on appearance alone.