I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉Wishing you much love, good health and peace. Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

This post is in continuation of its Part 1 here

To my readers: All the incidents are of my own experiences and I have managed to create it lighter. Though the series on the subject chosen here is not for faint  hearted Souls, so please read it at your own risk. 

Life …what is it… !

Would like to begin with some beautiful lines by Yann Martel..

“The reason death sticks so closely to life isn’t biological necessity- it’s envy. Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous possessive love that grabs at what it can. But life leaps over oblivion lightly, losing only a thing or two of no importance, and gloom is but the passing shadow of a cloud.

Yes, at any given point of time we must keep striving to do our bit and keep appreciating the brighter side of it. There is nothing to fear, nothing to lose.

The journey to the Spirit world just happened….

It was around 1995 , I was based in Rishikesh that time. One fine morning I got a call from one of my cousin brother and he was almost choking and in tears.

“Hey! calm down… can you please tell me what’s the matter?” I got really worried as I had never ever heard him breaking down like this.

“Neetu is in the hospital. She is serious” he sounded really low. “Doctors are not able to figure out what’s wrong with her”. ..

“ They have asked me to take her back home, probably she needs lot of rest. She needs to be stress free” he seemed anxious and confused in his conversation all through.

“ Don’t worry , trust and have faith in the Divine , keep doing your Hanuman Chalisa  and just remember we are all there for you and will offer prayers for her. Just be strong” I consoled him.

Neeta a very sweet and simple girl and my cousin was a happy family. It was indeed worrisome  as to what happened to her all of a sudden. 

After a week I got another call from my cousin  and he stated that his wife Neeta ( name changed )was eager to meet me and  wanted to come and stay with me.

“Each time  she wakes up she only keeps taking your name “ he sounded even more baffled.

“Why don’t you both come over then  for sometime “ I felt relieved if I could be of some help to  her .

“But didi, you don’t know her behaviour at the moment , she wakes up at unknown times gets into a fit of rage and starts throwing things everywhere and sometimes even hurting herself” he tried to open up more of his feelings regarding his wife .

It seemed that he tried calling the Maulvi, some pundits who treated her with all kind of things but of no avail. He kept a big pooja when he got her back home. But seemed she needed bigger help .

Finally on much insistence and assurance he agreed to get her over to my place in Rishikesh, as he was worried for me not getting stressed because of his problems.

“I shall be travelling to Jaipur with her to a  big Hanuman Ji  temple where they would treat her and get rid of any dark force that is troubling her and then come to your place for a week”, he clarified giving all his travel details .

I knew it would be a bit challenging time for me, because I had only heard stories of people getting possessed or there were cases where I heard that some black magic or voodoo was practiced by certain people to bring harm to others be it  business , relationship , health, you name anything on this earth. Since our business was of handicrafts , and Rudraksha we also dealt in precious and semi precious gemstones and customers would buy expensive stones as recommended by big astrologers who would charge them exuberantly and when nothing worked for them they felt duped and cheated into their convincing ways. But that’s the way life functions . Some remain aware and some don’t pay  much heed and keep succumbing to the fancy and borrowed  ideas of others.

Strange behaviours are constantly on the run…

I knew about one of my very close friend who also was a great artist and very happy go lucky. Life was just beautiful for her in all spheres. One day I went to visit her to see some of her new artworks. In all excitement ( we shared lot in common and art glorified our joy even the more)  as soon as  I reached her bungalow ,  without noticing much the moment I stepped out of my car my feet touched on some red and yellow powder on the road with some rice grains and couple of lemons scattered close to the main gate of my friend’s house.

“Oops! What’s that…and I got observing all that funny intent spread by some insane person who seriously needed help. Normal people would not delve into such things.

My friend came out as she had already seen me from her garden space and as she opened the gate for me, we now together started looking at the holy stuff( pun intended)  scattered near  her gate. We  exchanged glances and burst out laughing.

“Well who is after you” I quipped smilingly to her standing outside her gate.

“Oh that’s an everyday ritual of my good neighbours, people have to do something for the sake of doing, at least my presence keeps them busy” she sounded cool about it too and kicked the lemons away from her gate. Infact the next door neighbour overheard her and ran away inside the house.

But that’s what life is made of, its keeping a check on all of us , throwing tasks to better us, chisel us. How we respect it, acknowledge it , is entirely in our own hands and disrespecting its laws only ends up burning the entire  capabilities of a being in every form.  Alas! we would encounter people who would try all kinds of petty things. Keep moving with His Grace smilingly.

My life felt good with friends I chose to be with who  were equally fearless and strong . So even though I knew that these things happen ( as I had faced lot of things done on me by my ex family ) but it never  wavered me for my focus on Divine Mother all the time whom I carried in my heart.

Preparation before the arrival of my cousin ….  It was going to be a reality never witnessed before….

It indeed was to  be the first time when I would witness someone who is possessed by a Spirit in person and I just prayed that I was able to handle it all well.

I took extra care called my house staff my cook, my driver, the household helper and  made it a point to explain everything openly so that they would remain aware and not get scared. I also gave them a choice that if they wanted leave for the amount of time when my cousin and his wife was here they are most welcome to do so too.

But I was in for a surprise when they actually made me understand that they all knew about spirit possession for ages.

“Ma’am, it’s a common thing in our community where we stay. We will handle it , you please don’t worry much. She is your family and we hope and pray she gets better” they were all so amazingly understanding.

My cook Chaya was a little surprised and she came closer to me and said, “Ma’am I thought that it’s only the poor people who get possessed , did not know that the rich were effected too?” And I just could not help myself from smiling at her innocency. It’s sad how the lesser deprived souls are made to perceive things as underprivileged and privileged that they end up linking everything universal with it too.

“And ma’am if you need a Pundit Ji ( Ojha/ Exorcist ) to clear the entity from her, I can take you to his place ” my other domestic help Santosh uttered in a low tone.

“Err, let me get back to you on this laters “ I just had to lighten the atmosphere lest they came up with their own stories…Phew!

In the evening I made a call to my close friend and disclosed about my sister-in-law’s condition.

“We would need to take her for clearing to Dehradoon. I know of a Punditji there. Don’t worry , my sister got treated by him , as she would see all kinds of things at night. Finally after few months of treatment she is perfectly fine now” she reassured me.

What actually opened me up to this whole new world of this incident was that I came to know of so many people who were effected by this problem. It was so common ! Does that mean that almost every house has someone who is facing this trauma? But why is it that I had no clue about this reality? Agreed I had seen some horror movies , but they were just movies.

What about all the religious practices we do? Do they not help? What about the sacred places we stay in, the holy water we drink? Why does that not save us from this agony? There was a constant churning within me to dive intensely deeper and get the answers and cure to all the “Whys”.

Focus was my sister in law…

The day arrived…

As soon as I saw my cousin entering my place we did break down, and I could feel his pain . My sister-in-law who was a bit on the heavy side, a big time foodie , full of fun and laughter, had drastically trimmed down. Looked extremely pale and her under eye dark circles spoke volumes of her own battle with herself which she was not able to fathom. Poor thing, seemed to be going through hell. I hugged her warmly and slowly led her into the living room.

As they got seated in the living room, I quickly got up to get some fresh juice for them…suddenly someone held my wrist tightly ….

“I missed you so much didi”  Neeta uttered slowly loosening the grip of her hand from my wrist.

I sat down close to her and my cook and helper who were very keenly observing all this from the kitchen, with their hand gestures made me aware that they would come and serve the juice, and asked me to remain seated.

“Neeta you need to eat well and get healthy soon. Now that you are here, you will be fine” I smiled at her.

My cousin was a little taken aback as to how I was so comfortable with his wife, knowing what she was suffering from. He was extremely touched by my staff who too handled everything with ease without even getting scared of her. So finally he got up with much relief to freshen himself up.

“Didi, I don’t feel the same anymore” Neeta confided her feelings to me .

“You will be fine..observing her normal behaviour I asked “Tell  me, do you remember how and when this all happened? When was it you felt that something has got over you?” I asked rubbing her hands softly.

“Oh I do remember, it was a very hot afternoon, I was waiting outside the school at the car parking. The air con of the car was on as I knew the kids would jump in soon as they got out of the main gate of the school. But then all of a sudden I felt something hit my head, and I fell down and fainted. After that I don’t know what happened” Neeta was already exhausted mentioning all this to me.

I felt not to communicate on this anymore with her.

My brother after unpacking and sorting few things called me from the other room and  quietly narrated to me about the Hanuman Temple near Jaipur where people from far and wide got  treated and relieved from dark forces. So he made me aware of the remedy he carried back with him i.e. some mustard seeds and camphor, and the way to use was as explained by the Pundit to him, in case Neeta gets into a fit. The usage would make her better.

It was mid afternoon, after having lunch I  advised my cousin and Neeta to take rest and I got busy in the kitchen sorting things, and I thought to go and take rest for a while too.

Both my cousin and wife were in the living room, though both were seated on two different corners of the couch at a good distance. My cousin was too scared to even be with her for long time . I came out of the kitchen to keep fresh water for them on the dining table and saw my cousin brother already half asleep on the couch.

Suddenly my eyes fell on  Neeta , sitting quietly into deep thoughts, with eyes wide open ( not blinking at all) I could see some tears rolling down her cheeks .

I knew something was fishy, and I thought of waking my cousin brother up. So I shook his leg, and he got up with a jerk…

“She is not herself.. . I cautioned him. But it was too late and Neeta started throwing things around.

“ Go get the mustard seeds quick,  we need to burn it”

No sooner the seeds were burnt she calmed down .

In the pretext of me rushing into the kitchen to get the seeds I accidentally bumped into the sharp corner of the living room table and hurt my knee badly. But I  just rubbed my knee and kept doing what was important at that point in time. And guess what!!! No it did not spook any of us not even my staff as I burst out laughing ( though it was a wrong time to crack up) with my cousin. Made me wonder how things got so intensified in all that chaos.

This was a bit I shared here with you all. Imagine the 10 days she stayed with me.

We did take her to the Ojha ( one who clears entity) made some offerings in the Holy Ganges late in the evening, and were told that the entity has left her.

They went back to their hometown after 10 days , the same process went on for few months and eventually she did get better.

Made me ponder why was the Exorcist/ Ojha not able to clear the entity from her , making false claims that she is free from it now?  Why Neeta again got treated in her hometown ? It was so dramatic everywhere. Even after Neeta got normal she would forget or loose things when she went out or even being in the house ?

Is this all got to do with one’s mental state? It did seem so co-related .

I am glad Neeta got better though she could not manage her kids and home too well.

Another deep seated observation that surfaced was…Are these not repressed Emotions one suffers from  and in a way does that not need to be Released ?

At any given time in our lives, we are almost always dealing with something. It could be mild or intense incidents, but then all kinds of incidents do keep taking place. It’s going to be a rare occurrence when everything is going 100% in our favor. Am I right?

Life kept unfolding many chapters , few good and many eye opening incidents and the lessons from it, consolidated me even the more to take up my Saadhna rigorously. And I stuck to it .   

There were few beautiful things that eventually followed in my life and  I have shared it here in my earlier post of the holy place Rishikesh. Meeting different therapists, healers and Light-workers that  just kept happening on its own . My world deep down was always very simple and different, and I was always clear about it. Never ever got carried away with anything. But it was a privilege and sheer Divine Grace to gain wisdom on the path meant fearlessly .

Life got extremely busy, and I moved on…but my path yet again  took a entire big turn after good 6 years , to becoming a Past Life Regression Therapist to eventually getting  into the big role of becoming a Medium myself , something that I used to watch in all inquisitiveness and with a deep inquiry within as how people were helped from their traumatic situations mentally and physically. Having blessed with a tool in the new role , dealing and helping people overcome their sufferings now seemed like a noble mission.

Did my deep down intent of speaking to the Spirits of my Parents take me softly through all those learnings , experiences and healing  for good ??.

….to be continued…

May Divine Sri Hari  keep Blessing all abundantly . Much love and Light surround all🙏🕉thank you for your precious time my OS family.

Hari Om,

Siddhika Umesh

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