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Kindly do not go out and try techniques and experiments just by reading lot of stuff , or gathering information on how you can clear yourself from negative energies/attachments. Always seek help of a professional therapist / Energy healer  if possible .

A little brief  on Ghosts, Spirits and Entities :


A ghost is the soul spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. Varying from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible ( shadows or shapes)to giving a sense creepy  sensations,  “ghosts” are stuck or trapped soul in a lower state of consciousness. They are  Earthbound usually where they have died. Often confused they are trying to get closure about something that happened in their earthly life, or too disturbed by their own violent/ sudden end to fully moving on into the next realm, causing them to remain partially here and thus, many times also can be felt interacting  with living people. Sometimes,  there are also the ones who didn’t want to die, and not quite ready to leave.

Poltergeists are the  “noisy ghost,” which refers to its apparent ability to make noise, throw around objects, and otherwise disrupt our surrounding or space so to say.

There are the Ghost hunters who venture into getting proofs of ghosts presence. Many shows have been telecasted them do8ng the same. They often use electronic equipment to investigate places supposedly haunted by ghosts, like the night vision photography, an EMF meter to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, thermal imaging cameras to detect cold spots, audio recording equipment to record any odd sounds and interviewing all sorts of accounts of hauntings ( it’s a different ball game altogether who venture out to feel their presence). 

Spirits and Entities:

An entity is a crystallized fragment of a person’s astral body that can be released when they die and attach to other human beings or to locations.

Such attached spirits end up causing harm to a human in the form of ill health to whom they choose to attach with. Symptoms  are fatigue, depression, addictions or abnormal or unreasonable behaviour, a catastrophe, hostile attitude, personality disorder.

Also known as dark forces they not only attach  to the human body but  burrow deep into their energy and remain there for years, it takes a bit longer time to release them. A shorter time and effort is needed to release the entity who is attached itself for just a little time. 

Entities can technically be both ghosts or spirits, they can influence, possess or take over a human , have much more power and  a desire to not just control but also influence another being (or beings)with force. They are known as demons or Jinn or even Angels. So we have the bad and good entities so to say .

Especially the ones who are into Dark magic or witchcraft practices seek to harness and direct the energies from entities.

So these dark energies/ entities are viewed but as lost, confused, misguided,  and do need compassionate help.

There are two ways to treat/release it basically . One is the Interactive, in which the therapist helps the patient into an altered state of consciousness eg. hypnotic state, trance etc. and the other is the Intuitive, which requires psychic awareness in the therapist.

Most troublesome negative entities take longer time to show themselves, they keep dodging the therapist during the process of calling.

There are positive entities too who do not harm the one they are attached to, but still would need release.

After therapy these  energies/ attachments are  free into the the beaming Light which appears as a vast opening in the dark. After the process of releasing one does feel healthy, energetic and happy.

The Big day : My venturing into becoming a Medium

It was exciting and no I was not carrying the feel of the accident I met with just a day before my attending the Seminar. For the focus was to see how people could be healed and above all to hopefully get to speak to the Spirits of my Parents.

The Room:

The place was a big hall conference room ( part of a big hotel) comprising of 18 people , the numbers were less , but natural as not many would have the courage to attend these kinds of learnings.

Though many had enrolled initially and I also knew some of them but  we were told they backed out at the last minute. The ratio of women was but naturally higher than the males out there.

Even though each one had a smile on their face, internally some of them seemed deadly spooked out . The reason also could be that there were women who had never witnessed or attended any kind workshops in healing . It made me a bit thoughtful too, as to whether they would be strong enough to handle a client who might suddenly outbursts of anger or pain. For if the therapist gets scared himself / herself, there would be a sudden shift in his/ her own energy, even though  the presence of a  trainer would help her to take charge. 

Since  there was something seriously going on in their lives , or with their dear ones encountering something weird , so with the assurance of the Mentor ( who was a very loving person) is how they joined into the know how of it to eventually to treat their situation.

Day 1 Process : 

After the introduction , a bit of detail was given and then the mentor  called out a name from the group on whom she was now going to demonstrate and carry on the with the process of how these dark energies are removed.

It  got interesting for me and I could see some excitement on few faces too. After all it was not a small thing to come face to face with the biggest fear , the fear of Entities.

The lady who was called for demo was in her mid 50’s , very lean . A simple housewife who had never attended or ventured out in attending any kind of seminar so to say. She was  laid on a white sheeted mattress, we were given the permission to record the process, so that made things a bit easy and was a great relief.

But as the lady lay down and was being explained by the Mentor about the process that would be carried on her, she started to get very scared and almost started shivering. She quickly got up and requested  to call someone else for demo. It was a little spooky as she was perfectly fine and chirpy before she was called out. But once on the table she was not able to cope well. It took  roughly 20 mins for the mentor to pacify and calm her down and finally the entity clearing process on her started.

The process was heavy, some of them in the group hid behind the ones who were strong enough to witness the whole process. The poor lady who was going through the process had an entity attachment which was cleared eventually . During the process she  would at times break down in tears, and then suddenly emote and change her tone angrily . The entire method of  process took almost an hour and the entity was removed. Though we were told that she needed another session to clear a portal of it that she was carrying.

It was a sigh of relief to see her revive back. We had a tea break, and lot of discussion was on as we would now be practising the session on others . So the group was now divided into clients and therapists. I was the therapist at that  given point . For me it was not big a deal as I had treated clients with the processes and techniques used in my other therapies be it  Past Life Regression or Rebirthing. Though at present given  scenario here one needed to be very alert, quick and intuitive enough to focus and grip the intent of the client/ patient’s vocalisation , sensations which could be framed and  dodged and misleading if awareness was shifted. One really had to maintain calm with quick suggestions.  Also when there are group healings the sounds of other clients could get overwhelming and disturb the process of others.

In the meantime whilst all the discussions and details were on in the High Tea room , the lady who was treated (  the one chosen for demonstration ) excused herself and went to relax in the room for a bit. Poor thing seemed too lost and shaky and it did seem that she perhaps needed rest to recover and had not in her wildest dreams imagined what she would be witnessing and experiencing.

And that is almost much of the case with many who can’t really cope up with the density of dealing with dark Energies. I also felt that only the ones who are  into healing modalities or have prior training of hypnosis are well equipped with the technique of the tools to deal with loud or subtle emotions , and should be permitted to attend. It does effect you psychology. Because there were few others who were petrified too. But alas! that was not the case.

Once we came back into our hall room , we were all assigned to attend to our clients. But  then the  lady who got treated earlier by the Mentor went missing. Now that was another task, the Trainer got worried, and all of us really got concerned where she had vanished. There were two attendants outside the hall , they were called and given the details of the lady, they went searching for her in the big  Hotel ( the venue was in one of the big conference room allotted for workshops) but of no avail. Almost another half an hour went past and finally the Mentor managed to call her on her mobile, her daughter attended the call .

“ She is not well , I shall convey your message to her” pat came the reply.

It was a bit shocking for us to know that she left the course altogether and did not return. She had paid a hefty amount and still another day was to be completed but seemed that’s the way it was supposed to turn out for her.

Felt sad that she actually could not face it.

“ She is gripped by the entity, who has created all this chaos for her ” the facilitator explained to us.

So finally the whole training of the process went on and most of us were  successful in mastering and in treating our clients. It was infact very interesting for me with every passing moment. Nothing scared me , maybe I was prepared for it mentally and infact the more complicated the case was it felt challenging dealing  with it. The good was I was able to treat my clients by using some of my own suggestions and that helped. There were very unusual cases that surprised the Mentor too. 

Since it was all about dealing with entities, the energies of the room did get heavy towards late evening and each one of us could sense and feel  it.  Even though tired we bid goodbyes with smiles and went back to our respective homes( in my case the hotel room) .

Day 2 Process: 

Next day was all set to encounter the Demons. At the Venue even though the day was bright, there was less brightness on many faces as it had got tiring  for some to carry on with the process done the previous day.  It does weigh you down a lot. 

Few more lessons of learnings, and today was the time when I had to be the client. Whilst the group was being divided into therapists and patients, we found out that three ladies were missing . Sadly they had  quit too.

So now just the few brave ones pursued. The process started , the practice went on the whole day, with good tea breaks apart , lunch, intense discussions as it was important to keep the mind alert all the time.

Day two witnessed lot of releases , lot of catharsis, some cases the intervention of the mentor was called upon as there were demonic energies who were not willing to leave. And eventually the process was carried on with more force.

By the evening and a much  heavy day, the seminar winded up with good spooky treatments that needed lot of hugs and relieved smiles as we all parted our ways. For me it was It was quite an eye opening experience when  the cases felt good and healed after the release.

This was all that ensued in the Level One Training . It was heavy, unusual, but interesting, not for all though.

The final Level 2 Training was after a week which was the most important to attend as the group would now be equipped into using more tools to deal with the dark forces/ attachments with more efficiency, and eventually getting certified.  

From  astral travel, to clearing the spaces( home, office, land etc) to “facing the unexpected”…..the  simple journey to becoming a Medium , to be continued…

Thank you my OS family for your time and patience in reading the post. The next and  final post of these series would be winded up well by His Grace . Stay safe and healthy. Wishing you all much love and peace🙏🕉

Jai Sri Hari🙏

Siddhika Umesh

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