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This series began with the Creation Theory. We then noted that everyone perceives the Singular Entity differently. Thereupon, we planned a spiritual adventure trip to discover Om

In the first segment on our Path to Om, we identified methods for Fixing the Present. We’re now discussing the second part, termed Clearing our Past

My previous post addressed the Purity of Intention (selflessness) as a means to clear our Karma quicker. We take that topic further here.

An Analogy

Let us say you’re moving to a new residence. Due to that, your current home is upside down with all the packing materials. Further, you pushed around your furniture, blocking access to the front door. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and you recall inviting a friend to give away some furniture.

You try to push and shove but can’t seem to reach the door. You shout out to your friend, but they can’t hear it. Subsequently, you desire to call your friend, but you can’t find your phone in that clutter. As you try to reach the door, your friend waits there forever.

Inner Purity

In the above analogy, inviting your friend to give away furniture is a selfless act, representing your Purity of Intention. Your friend symbolizes your spiritual goal, who arrives at your doorstep but waits forever. The clutter in your home denotes all the impurities that occupy your mind.

Purity of Intention takes us closer to our spiritual destination by clearing Karma. Inner purity makes our minds clutter-free to experience and accept what the Singular Entity means to us.

The Challenge

Inner purity includes inculcating many qualities like surrender, humility, etc. Then, we must also eliminate negativities like anger, lust, greed, and so on. All of these clutters of the mind are collectively known as our Sanskara or tendencies. 

A grave challenge faced in this path is – how to deal with so many of these tendencies? One way is to apply self-help techniques for each of these. However, if we resort to working on them one by one, we’ll be stuck on earth for lifetimes.

Attack the Root

The ancient sages pondered upon this and arrived at a fabulous idea. They noted that our tendencies are merely the trunk and branches of a tree, and the root is the mind. We can quickly uproot the entire troublesome tree if we attack the root. 

How do we attack the root? We build mindfulness to still the mind and drop our thoughts at will. We can then catch and remove any tendency when it is just a thought. In essence, we extinguish it as a flame before it becomes a fire. 


How do you recognize inner purity? In a nutshell, a silent mind is a pure mind. In addition to Purity of Intention, if we also strive for Inner Purity, our Karma clears at lightning speed. 

Please note that I haven’t listed any workshop activities because the sages will give us a bunch of those now!



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