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My previous post introduced the three segments in our Path to Om. The first section, termed Fixing the Present, goes as 

You -> Your Family -> Your Society -> The Universe. 

We’ll first focus on YOU. Until you tackle your current issues, you can’t find the energy to work on anything else.

The Quicksand

Imagine a person walking through an enchanting forest. While enjoying the scenery, they fall into quicksand. What should that person do? Here:

  • Stop resisting: The more one tries to escape, the faster they’ll sink.
  • Find an anchor: Hold on to a nearby branch or something to prevent drowning.
  • Call for help: If there’s nothing nearby, scream for help without resisting.

I know I’m painting a grim picture here. Still, that’s what this world is: an enchanting forest with many quicksands. Each person will inevitably fall into one or more of those because that’s the law of this planet.

Stop Resisting

Looking back at my life, I see nothing but quicksands. It was a tough life of great struggle. All I did during those times was ask: Why me?

Lately, my doctor has diagnosed my health as borderline messy. Earlier, I would’ve worried about it. Now, I’m striving to revive my health, but I’m as calm as ever.

What changed in me? Just one thing: I’m not resisting life. I’ve accepted that life isn’t a bed of roses, and we’ve to deal with its pitfalls. I tell Nature, “Bring it on! What else have you got?”

The sooner we adopt the Bring-It-On attitude, the quicker we stop sinking in life’s quicksands. That makes our spiritual journey faster.

Find an Anchor

When life turns turbulent, we must hold on to something like an anchor. If you seek the constant physical presence of someone as support, you will be disappointed. That’s because everyone has their battles to fight.

Hence, it’s essential to have an anchor that depends only on you. My anchor is chanting, reading, and writing. If I feel down or disturbed, I increase my time on those. 

While our anchors can’t solve our problems, they can calm us down. That state of peace helps us navigate our issues objectively.

Call for Help

For the longest, I struggled and suffered silently. In retrospect, that was the worst thing I did to myself. I can’t emphasize this enough – if you’re in pain, ask for help. 

While nobody can solve all your problems, you can surely get moral support. Therefore, set your hesitation or ego aside, and ask for aid when needed.

The Karma Angle

Believing in this is optional, but it helps put things in perspective. Besides, Sanatana Dharma mentions it extensively, so I must touch upon it. 

We all carry the baggage of past experiences. Known as Karma, these may be from our immediate past or past lives if you believe in rebirth. The less we resist our life’s situations, the swifter we exhaust our Karma. We reach our spiritual destination only when a massive portion of our Karma clears.

A Workshop Activity

Here’s something you can do to tackle your present:

  1. Make a list of all the problems in your life.
  2. Put them into three buckets –
    • Fixable, but I haven’t taken action.
    • Not solvable, but I’m resisting it.
    • I need help!
  3. Take action to clear as many of those as possible. 

We’re all stuck in a beautiful world with many quicksands. Enjoy life’s beauty, and deal with the mess fearlessly. Nevertheless, realize that everything is temporary. As they say – It too shall pass! 



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