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Fixing the Present is the first segment of our Path to Om, which goes as You -> Your Family -> Your Society -> The Universe. We covered the YOU part in my previous post. Here, we’ll discuss the rest.

We Also have a Heart!

So far, we’ve discussed the Creation Theory and grasped that the Singular Entity could appear different for each person. We realized that we must put on the oxygen mask before doing anything else. 

Those topics might have given you intellectual clarity. However, please tell me this: Did you feel any warmth after reading them? Did you feel humble and complete? Not unless pure science is your Truth!

We’re all beings of love, and emotions matter to us. Whom would you prefer more? Someone who merely lectures you with their knowledge or a person who showers love on you? My pick would be the latter. If that’s true for me, it’s true for every being on earth!

Expand Your Heart

As per Sanatana Dharma, we can’t even dream of reaching our spiritual goal without being a good human. The term used is Vasudeiva Kutumbakam, which means the whole universe is one big family of the Singular Entity. In other words, we must treat every being in this universe with loving-kindness. That’s immaterial of species, race, country, religion, and whatnot?

The three essential methods for this purpose are: 

  • Karuna: In this context, it means kindness. 
  • Daan: It means charity but is not limited to giving money. It indicates developing an attitude of giving. 
  • Seva: It implies service to humankind. 

Please note that expanding your heart isn’t the same as becoming a doormat! We have to protect ourselves and push back where needed. Nevertheless, we must do everything with an attitude of kindness.


Pure science caters to the intellect. While Sanatana Dharma has a scientific basis, it’s a thought process that caters to the head and the heart. And our journey to discover what the Singular Entity means to us requires being a good human. 

There is no better way to rekindle our empathy than to perform Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). Alongside helping the society, these promote inner peace. Intrinsically we all wish to be helpful, and we can do that at three levels:

  1. Your Family: Taking responsibility is the most significant way to demonstrate kindness at home. Expressing your love in words and appreciating your loved ones also helps.
  2. Your Society: Not gossiping about others and making everyone feel included is a great way to show kindness in society.
  3. The Universe: We can’t restrict our love to our community or even country. Only when our heart expands for every being on earth can we reach our spiritual destination faster.

Karma Yoga

We can summarize the entire first segment as

  • Stop resisting your problems.
  • Take control of your life’s situations.
  • Be a beacon of kindness without any reservations.

That’s what Sanatana Dharma means by Karma Yoga. In this context, Karma means your present actions, and Yoga means syncing up with yourself. The first segment of your spiritual evolution is to get in touch with yourself through your external actions and some essential reactions. Many times, this itself gives us immense peace.

A Workshop Activity

Spend at least 30 minutes each day on kindness. Please reserve 15 minutes of those for your family and the rest for the world.

Here are five RAKs you can do from home:

1. Feed the birds: You can hang a bird feeder in your backyard or front porch, and this RAK is perfect for our kids.

2. Donate $1 a day: You can set aside some money each day and donate it towards a good cause.

3. Make your routine walks charitable: If you have a handheld device with internet access, you can use the free Charity Miles App. A sponsor donates 25 cents to a charity for every mile you walk or run.

4. Post Positive Content: The internet has become our go-to place, but it’s also breeding negativity. If many of us write progressive posts, we can flood the virtual world with socially responsible content.  If you can’t write, please leave kind comments on others’ posts.

5. Pray or Meditate for Global peace: Whenever I wish to help someone but feel helpless, I dedicate one prayer or meditation session to them. Our positive thoughts can bring peace to others, and that’s an ideology discussed in many religions.

Beyond all, smile as much as possible. That’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself and everyone around you, even at home.



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