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We’re discussing Light Energy, which symbolizes wisdom, in the final segment of our Path to Om. When we fix our present and clear our past, Nature reveals our Truth. Then, the Grace of Wisdom helps us identify and accept our Truth.

A Tranquil Tomorrow

I concur with the sages that knowing and accepting your Truth makes you feel complete. In relatable terms, completeness makes you feel like I’ve been there and seen it all. Interestingly, that attitude triggered my need to transcend the future.

Transcending the future means going beyond the cycle of birth and death. If you don’t believe in rebirth, you can view it as a peaceful tomorrow in this life.

A shift in mindset by acquiring two qualities discussed in this post ensures a serene life and beyond. These are pretty well-known topics in spirituality, but I’ll still cover them because they are part of our Path to Om.


Our desires are the root cause of trouble. These propel us to work, but these also drive us crazy and make us self-centered. Since desires cause rebirth, contentment is crucial in transcending your future.

Please note that contentment isn’t the same as complacence. The former makes you peaceful and liberated, while the latter makes you lazy and listless.

To deal with your desires, categorize them into three buckets:

  • Exhaust: These are desires within your reach and need action. For example, my husband and I traveled to many places we could afford and exhausted that desire.
  • Extinguish: These desires are beyond you and should be dropped. For instance, if you wish for a trip to Mars, it may not happen in this lifetime!
  • Detach: Wishes you can keep with non-attachment. Eating fine food typically goes here. We can eat tasty food, but craving it is an issue. 


Imagine yourself tied with a rope. What happens when you work with that? Of course, you’ll have an uncomfortable and unproductive time because you’ll do nothing else but deal with that rope. 

Attachments are invisible ropes that suffocate you and those around you. These come with expectations, and expectations have unhappiness written all over it. Also, contentment isn’t easy without non-attachment.

As we know, living like a lotus in the marsh is familiar imagery for non-attachment. Volumes have been written about this. Therefore, I won’t go into the details. Sharing my experience: Sadhana and Raja Yoga work subtle magic on you to automatically make you non-attached. More reasons to pursue those!

Leela, The Progressive Fun

In a nutshell – our mindset determines our future and beyond. The elimination of minds’ conditioning to become content and non-attached forms a massive part of Sanatana Dharma’s Gyaan Yoga, syncing up with yourself through wisdom. 

When wisdom prevails, life doesn’t feel like a struggle. Instead, we surrender and flow along with Nature. At this point, you work hard to keep yourself positive and productive while keeping yourself stress-free.

In modern lingo, that’s living in the Zen mode, and Sanatana Dharma calls it the state of Leela or Progressive Fun (here).



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