We have all had that close friend, relative, family member or even a business acquaintance whom we feel can always be banked upon during times of crisis.

We regularly meet them at our home, work place or in business and share our joys and sorrows with them. It’s more than a casual acquaintance. We think this person will help me during my hour of crisis, whatever the cost. The cost encompasses financial, legal, recommendations, access to resources and so on. I am talking about help which is morally, legally and ethically right.

I was working in a retail electronic product selling dealership which was run by my close friend. The turnover was in crores and I was working in the firm for more than 5 years.

It so happened that the street in which our house was located was being widened and the front portion of the house was to be demolished to a certain length across all floors.

My salary was very limited in my small town and i had apply for a loan for reconstruction of the house. After running around across various banks for almost three months finally, one of them agreed to lend me a mortgage loan of Rs.15 lakhs.
There was a hitch, i had two overdraft accounts in another bank from my failed business ventures and had to pay Rs. 4 lakhs due to get my property papers released for pledging at the new bank.

At that time, I was working with meagre salary. I had no personal business with consistent cash flow. My father had expired the previous year and my mother was bed ridden from a very long time. My spouse is a housewife and my child was young.

What I required was Rs. 4 lakhs for a months time untill my loan was sanctioned from the new bank. The only door slightly open for me was my boss and requested him for help. He regularly used to get access to capital from private professionals at very low cost of interest. He said he will look into the matter and the looking into time never came.

Meanwhile, the road widening deadline approached and the municipality authorised road contractor was threatening to bulldoze the front portion of our building as it was hampering the road widening work. Our house was one amongst the last few remaining buildings that needed partial demolition.

Now, I was in a quandry as to what to do? The private professional who was lending to my boss was a common close friend and I diectly approached him for help. The request was politely turned down by saying that he did not have the necessary amount.

Beyond their individual business and profession each of these persons were very close friends to me and till today we continue to remain as friends. I left the job thre months after house demolition. Eventually I had to be borrow the money from private money lenders at very high rate of interest and finish the house reconstruction work.

Now comes the interesting part. When my mortgage loan was being sanctioned from the new bank, there was a last minute hurdle. A part of two wheeler loan was remaining in another bank which was being promptly being serviced. The bank manager wanted it to be closed before sanctioning the new mortgage loan.

After getting rebuked by two of my close friends, I did not even want to ask money from anybody else. I was sitting worrying in front of the bank manager with my face down. I had been getting all the documentation ready from the last one month and now this hurdle was staring at my face.

Seeing my worried looks, the bank manager offered to give the money from the bank to close the two wheel loan in another bank. He said he will give the money at 11a.m. and asked me to clear the loan and get the clearance certificate by 1p.m. He said he would sanction the loan by 3 p.m. and will take back the two wheeler loan balance from the newly sanctioned loan before bank business hour Closing time.

This was god sent blessing for me. Here was a person, who was not even a friend, just a casual business acquaintance but he was helping me in the best possible way.

This is just a small instance in my life.
I have personally experienced that during our times of crisis, we will be definitely helped by the universe is some way or the other. The help may not come from the person whom you depended the or helped the most but it might be somebody else who is not all overly connected to you. The universe has pleasant surprises for you while helping.

What such pleasant surprises did the universe deliver in your life ? I am all ears to hear your story.