Nothing is Impossible has been my philosophy and is what I advocate to people I come across…but deep down in my heart, I question myself am I absolutely convinced about what I say. It is a fact that we are the masters of our life and if we are convinced about the possibilities that exist around us…there is no stopping on what we can set out to do.

What happens when someone says the word “Possible”?

Your brain starts ticking, you begin imagining, creating ideas, rearranging thoughts, and checking out possibilities…thereby igniting Hope. It transforms our world from where we were on the verge of ..quit and give up to a world with new potential and various choices. ‘Possible’ gives us new courage to face our fears, gives us the strength to persevere, and help us transform our failures into stories of accomplishments.

One of the mantras in my life that kept propelling me to move ahead has been…“Your Attitude determines your Altitude”. If you keep your quest for building the right attitude you will continue to achieve what you set out to do. You will find ways to overcome the obstacles that come along your way and accomplish your goal. You need to make a conscious effort to tread on unknown paths to reap the fruits of your destiny. Decide and pledge to never give up too soon, gather support, seek guidance, inculcate the skills to take on challenges and new possibilities will definitely emerge.

If you sit and reflect on your achievements after the tribulations you faced, you will well understand the power of I Can…the Power of Possibility. There have been innumerable instances that come to my mind that I could not imagine I would be able to accomplish…be it public speaking, editing articles, mentoring the troubled, encouraging the under confidence, devising prototypes and making strategies to increase my efficiency and so on and so forth.

So Go On…

Perhaps writing your own story of possibility will open your windows of perception and propel you towards a lot of possibilities!