• ,Welcome back, lovely people. Again sending my at most apologise for not owning up to it my word😅. Actually got caught up with my internals that didn’t go well either😅. 

Before commencing, I would thank you all for showing such heartening affection and love in my previous post. It delighted me. Every single like, view and comment made my heart pound.

Coming back to the topic. 

By the time of writing this post. I am heading to college. And on the way, I saw something to start off with this on the way. A lady was crossing the road, and a kid almost hit her. But I appreciate the presence of mind of the lady that saved her day I guess. She was so conscious to step back at or else the kid almost have crashed her. I would say the kid was at a mistake as he kept on apologising for the fallacy committed. In the end, the entire matter got summed up and everyone led their respective ways. And it again lit up the inner voice that has been provoking me to put front, some may disagree but I believe would find it standing anyway.

God forbid. What if the old lady failed to step back at the needed time? she would have lost something considerable, and might the incident had done away with her. But she owned up to the whole incident even when the mistake wasn’t from her side. 

Because the ultimate truth is, it is not about who commits the lapses or mistakes, it is about who is going to pay it off. Many times we all have wondered that we would have done something we wanted if the odds were in favour. But the truth is if we wanted something genuinely, we would have taken it anyway. Some say this is the law of attraction- that the universe will help you. I say that we would still make it even if the universe stands at loggerheads. Yes, there is a part played by the almighty, luck but it is your mind that considers what is going to take place.

Now the question comes, how to be enough accountable to get your desires fulfilled.

Some following points are going to sum up a lot. Would be frustrating, assiduous at first but once you stick with it, things will change. Entirely.

Extremely realistic and practical. 

There is a life which we are living in reality and another life that we are living in our head. We live in scenarios. What if that happens. What if things turn around. Sometimes we genuinely think, and sometimes we think because it pleases us. You must have noticed when we genuinely think something, it comes into play. But when we think of something that pleases us, we are left disappointed at times. If we take accountability for our desires, it at least giving the pleasures, and it will become our reality, and reality never pleases us no matter good it is, the next point will make you understand better.

Leaving the pleasure-driven state. 

Suppose you tired enough and heading to your with all the jobs done and dusted. You are imagining yourself in your bed with the cooling on. Pleases you right? Now you have reached home, and you switch on your air conditioner and lie on your bed. You take a power nap and then you wake up. That’s it? Yes, that’s it. Now you again head your work and keep thinking about last night. Oh, I was too tired and took a nap. It again starts pleasing you. It is the before and the aftermath that pleases you. Suppose you are with your loved ones spending quality time. When time passes, you think about the time when you were with them and think how good that time was. Pleasing you. The truth is we have stopped living in time. We are living in expectations and memories. Even when our expectations get met, at that time we would be thinking about something else. Value the moment people. Moments make you happy. Expectations and memories only please you. 

We all are want to hear something good about ourselves from others at times because it pleases us. We all are addicted to lauds. Therefore sometimes things happen and sometimes they slip off. When it happens we feel great and when they don’t we feel disheartened. Thereby we lose our biggest flex for accountability. That is confidence. And how to gain confidence will be discussed at the last.

Be less considerate.

I believe every single one of you is going through some harsh times for which highly appreciate for keeping your pace up while dealing with your bunch of issues. But what if I tell you, you just don’t have a bunch, instead you have tons of issues obstructing your way. Surprised? Yes, that’s the truth. But many issues do not bother you because you don’t consider them. People in their twenties are surrounded with a lump sum of issues but those who consider least get out of it quick. Guys see, if you look around people are going through a lot. Our issues would be way lesser. After some time, when you will find new problems, you will see the old ones were nothing in comparison. The same attitude is supposed to be kept right now. Deliberately force your mind to think above, and once you do- force your mind to stick in that space. 

I remember yesterday in my college out of the blue my professor asked me to deliver a speech on the topic that was discussed a couple of days ago. Out of nowhere, I was asked. My friends started to laugh and makingnervousrves. Just you like any other mates 🤣. And one of them asked me if I feel cold delivering because seniors were also the spectators and some seniors faculties. I, who had considerable knowledge regarding the topic, said when  the heck I started considering them all 🤔. With due August to everyone. Surely I didn’t respect anyone nor I would think of doing so. But what If I start considering them all I surely would have fumbled somewhere or might have forgotten something crucial. Come out of the space of what would they say. We all have seen a quote called ‘born to express not impress’ and some you must have captioned it in your photos as well 🤣. But have we ever tried to walk past the same? Cause if we have done, we wouldn’t be suffering from less confidence. Now derives the final part of the topic 

How to be confident?

At times when I meet people, they say your confidence is what helps you to pull through. I say then what is it keeping you from being confident? We have nothing much to feel confident about. Also many say that I have a physique that makes you feel confident. Haha. I reply to the same. What actually derives confidence is nothing. If you have followed the above stipulations, you already would start feeling confidence. And if I simply ask what is confidence? The answer would be the art of not doubting any decisions thereafter. Conditions applied when you are fully aware of your surroundings. 

What if I tell you. Years before when I was damn skinny and had no command in my language, I was having hefty confidence. I never used to consider what people would be perceiving about me. And back then, I believe I was way too accountable. The standards set by the surroundings did put down my confidence in between. Now, of which I have partially come out. 

I still sometimes feel inferior when I find someone doing better than me. But way less than I used to. Because now I drive my behaviour as if even in my head, I am visualising myself. At times when we think about anyone or anything that person comes into play and takes the major in our head. We wouldn’t be even thinking about it as if it pleases, but still, we put our mood onto the person or a thing. 

Summing up all

Lastly, before I leave, things take time. Things will hinder but just for a couple of weeks for a month. I still commit lapses even after understanding how things are driven. But in between the best you will get is you will start valuing yourself. Do you even remember when last you prioritized yourself? This is the power of accountability. 

So that’s that. Yet many points are cut off as I don’t want it to complicate, furthermore as mentioned I took a bit long to post it up but I shall do my best to stay active with at least a post a week.

Thanking you for your valuable time. 



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