I heard the story about John Crowley on the Tim Ferriss podcast a few years ago. In 1998 two of his children got diagnosed with Pompe disease – a severe and often fatal neuromuscular disorder. In order to find a cure, he left his job to become an entrepreneur and find a cure. Ultimately a new experimental treatment helped save his children’s lives.

Another heart touching story is of Lata Bhagwan Kare. At the age of 65, she participated in a marathon to win a cash prize so she can use that for her husband’s medical treatment. I first heard of this story when Swami Ji shared it a few years ago and also learnt recently that there was a Marathi movie made on this story and Lata Ji played the role herself. Too bad I don’t understand Marathi, else would have loved to watch the movie. 

I love such stories because it helps put life into perspective. I also believe that each and every person has a story to share for we all go through the test that life puts us through. I thoroughly enjoy reading stories of so many members who share on this platform, each one so unique so different- at the same time a sameness in all.

I am convinced that love can transform a human being. It has some kind of a power that makes the impossible possible, that makes miracles happen. That’s why we can never go wrong with the philosophy of ” Do what you love in life”. 

Rumi said it beautifully. “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

And if we don’t know what that means for us, then the best we can do is surround ourselves with people who embody that philosophy, sooner or later we will catch on to the energy.