I started reading the book after being suggested by one of the YouTuber , We keep thinking about our physical health, our mental health is slowly becoming our priority (hopefully) but do we even consider our stomach as the most important organ of our body? (After our heart and the brain). This book tells us how our stomach controls almost everything and how an eating sense can give us a wellness sense.
The Wellness Sense gives us an Ayurvedic perspective towards our wellness and health. It tells us how food plays a great role in every aspect of our lives, also how our emotional and mental health is extremely important for our physical wellbeing. It has explained everything in utter detail. A number of appendices have been given at the end of the book to give us a small list of what kind of food is the best for us.
The title of the book is as witty as the last book I had read by Om Swami. The book describes what the wellness sense and other aspects of the same are. The cover is a beautiful mix of shiny and subtle that gives off the right calm yet catchy vibe.
The language of the book is simple to read. Though a lot of Sanskrit words have been used due to the Ayurvedic outlook it has been explained very well. All aspects have been described well.
The content of the book is a guide in a nutshell. I was amazed to see so many things being described so well. No useless examples, no self-praising and filled with knowledge. The Ayurveda has been backed up by modern science and this makes the book very different from the other typical wellness books.
In the end, I would love to say that I, personally, have got an idea of how my body works. I now know what can be considered to eat and what I can skip on. I loved the part where the author has not prohibited anything. He teaches us about our body and leaves us with many choices.
I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with their health or wants to know more about their body for better functioning.

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