The presence 2It came to be that I thought nothing could surpass the feeling of reading about Swami Ji, watching His videos on YouTube, reading His blogs, following His courses and accompanying the bhajans when You are singing the Holy Name of the Lord. Swami Ji, you knew that I had reached a standstill and in Your infinite Karuna, You sent Your precious devotee to us. 

The last two weeks have simply been amazing. Your very presence, the soothing quality of your voice, the generosity of your heart, your simplicity, your outlook towards life, your dispassionate, yet empathetic connection to the world and the connection that you have with the Divine and Guru Ji.

Are You Mother Divine? When I reflect,  it seems that you appeared as Mother Divine. It can’t be otherwise. When you invoke the Gods, their 2d pictures seem to glow anew with life as if with your powers, you consecrated Prana Prathistha into them. I never saw God coming alive like this. Tears flow from these pitiful eyes when they witnessed how connected you are to the divine. You evoked so much melancholy and love for the divine, so many ambiguous and conflicting sentiments. When I bowed to seek your blessings, clarity of mind suffused my very being. It is as if a very cool ‘thing’ started to spread from my head to my whole body.  

Thank you for not judging us. You have brought positivity in amazing ways unimaginable to me. I am connecting with the divine in ways unexplored by me before. My Mother. I bow to your feet once again, Sushree Diya Ji. 

Koti Koti Naman. 

🙏🏼Jai Sri Hari🙏🏼