Going through the prime time of the life. We do a heck lot of things in order to make memories and enjoy the one time opportunity!

What I believe, it’s just a fine between living or ruining a living that sometimes becomes invisible with the ongoing. By the way merry chirstmas to all! Belated perhaps 😅 posting it after 12. As an occasion went by, so the primary motive was to enjoy 😉. And I did enjoy it a lot. Before going any further just a reminder am a bit reserved lad who just likes to hangout with who are damn close. So we checked in the bar and did some stuffs that that did get us all high. Believing stuffs like such not in fits and starts are pretty good. Anything which isn’t a part of your schedule that has a critical effect on health is acceptable. And today for the time it felt I went pretty beyond the lane. In my circle, I am someone who takes the accountability of such 😀 to stay with limits but as I confront it wasn’t in the league. It felt for a while as if my unconsciousness outplayed me. 

The message I want to convey, involving too into any may cause trouble and too much trouble might ruin the living. Therfore keeping check is idiosyncratic!

Peace ☮

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