Life is within us. Celebrate and rejoice in the beauty of life. 

Our existence is a gift of God, so cherish and love it. 

Be in tremendous love with life. The reality is the fact that existence, God, and life are synonymous. 

The aim of life is intrinsic and not extrinsic.  So, grow, expand, celebrate, dance, and enjoy and live a life totally and wholeheartedly. 

Live each moment without any constraint, repression, greed, or fear. Be unhindered by past memories and be young, fresh, pure innocent- this is the real aim of life. 

Remember that each moment is precious, so live contented, fulfilled, and share peace and love. 

There is nothing higher than life. 

How to achieve this goal?

Meditation and Awareness. 

Start with meditation to know the source of your life and be the seed that creates flowers to spread your fragrance all around. 

The art of living begins with meditation. 

Meditation means silence. It is the silence of the mind, the heart, and finding the treasures of life (love).

Reaching the state of the highest awareness or enlightenment, you shall only radiate love, life, and creativity.

You become a part of the universe and start living fully.

You are born anew.

So,  go deep within yourself and search for the root of your life. Experience the awakening or enlightenment. 

Post this experience, you shall become a totally different person. You shall be living life with full intensity, without any fear. 

How many of you have found the light within and live an authentic life?

Share your thoughts and experiences. 

Love & Regards

Dr. Chitvan