Have you ever noticed that great leaders are driven by a ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’?

Great leaders and visionary entrepreneurs seem to have a unique element which sets them apart. Steve Jobs was literally obsessed by ‘simplicity‘. He transformed Apple into the most valuable company in the world by driving simplicity in their products, processes and adverts. Tony Hsieh, the founder of online retailer Zappos was focused on ‘delivering happiness‘. He was driven to create happy employees, happy customers and happy communities around him. Elon Musk is driven by ‘bold vision‘. SpaceX, Hyperloop and Tesla are a means for him to embody and realize bold visions which will advance humanity.

What is common to them is the clarity with which they focus their mind, energy and actions. It is like their whole ‘being’ is infused with one core element which drives them with a laser focus. I call it ‘Quintessence’. In philosophy, Quintessence refers to the 5th element — after air, earth, fire and water to describe a sublime substance. Your Quintessence is the state of being is which drives you continuously on a daily basis.

My Quintessence as a leader is ‘clarity with compassion‘ — having a clear mind supported by actions coming from a space of sincerity and compassion for self and others. What is yours?