Once there was a young athletic boy hungry for success for whom winning was everything and success was measured just by winning . The boy was preparing for a running competition in his village and two more young boys were there to compete with the boy. Large crowd was gathered there to see the arrangements. An old one was also there to see the performance.

Race begins .


 The boy crossed the winning line and was first.

The crowd cheered and waved for the sweet little boy. The old man who was also there remains still and calm .

The little boy was very happy and felt proud for winning.

 Then it was the time for the second race and the two new young and fit challengers came forward to run with the little boy.

 The race was started and all were sure that the little boy would finish the line now also. The crowd was very happy and cheered for the little boy. 


The old man now was also still and calm, again not expressing anything. The little boy felt proud and thought that everyone was cheering for me . I am the winner . He assumes it firstly.


Another Race begin 

The old man came forward and presented him with two new challenges, the one was an old lady and a Blind man.

 This announcement somewhat shocked the little boy .


Old man says that now start the race now and the little boy says ok .

 Then race commances he wins the race this time also but no one cheers for him . He became sad and asked the old man why everyone is not happy …?


Old man replied – 

My dear little boy, did you know what the difference is between you and people? They were not able to race but they tried . You were very happy and happy with your win but did you think that if you would race with them together what would happen then …??? 


Boy replying in low voice- 

My dear old man, can I run along them once again and the old man says why not.. 

They run together and everyone cheers them on. The boy was very happy and feeling blessed to get motivation …!!


Do you know what old man say’s –  


 If you always win against everybody then the people will stop cheering for you and at the end no one will love you and support you so be lovable and live life to the fullest. Life is very small my dear friends so be happy and always be helpful. 



With great respect 

Live ,love,laugh

Luv Sarpal