The world is full of surprises. If there is so much sorrow, pain, problems, negativity; on the opposite side, there is ample positivity, kindness, gratefulness, happiness, laughter, etc. It depends upon what you see and what you learn from. There are people around us who always see only problems and keep glorifying them, as if theirs are the biggest in the world and they are suffering the most. On the other hand, there are people who keep going without any complain, take the responsibility, convert adversities into opportunities and change the world and inspire others too. They don’t even cry for recognition. They just play their role as their duty.


Today I read one piece which has made my day and is enough to inspire me for long. Please do read the links, in case you missed it.


On 3rd December 2020, India’s Ranjitsinh Disale, a government school teach from a village in Maharashtra, was awarded Global Teacher Price 2020. In a country like India, teaching is one of the most ignored, neglected and less paid profession. Moreover, it is considered a monotonous job, that too in a government school, wherein there is lot of scope to learn, teach, innovate and improve the system and standard. Ranjitsinh Disale is one among those few who are genuinely in love with their teaching job. Their job is not just another job for them to earn money; but a passion, a commitment, an opportunity to make difference in the world and create a better future, that too without expecting anything in return.


Disale is not only known for his teaching methods and innovation in teaching which have been recognized at national and now at international level, but also he has initiated some unique and innovative programmes which are worth mentioning and make him deserve a place amongst change makers of the world.


1.      He runs a campaign for girl education resulting 100% girls attendance in the schools

2.      He runs a campaign against teenage marriage, resulting no teenage marriage in the area in past many years

3.      He runs a project called “Lets Cross the Borders” towards building peace across conflict zones. He connects young people from India and Pakistan, Palestine and Israel, Iraq and Iran, and the US and North Korea through his project. Estimated, 19,000 students from eight countries have been initiated into this programme.

4.      Disale also takes students with depleted resources from schools around the world on virtual field trips on his weekends, using the IT infrastructure.

5.      He has also built a science lab at his home and is well-known for demonstrating scientific experiments. Till now, he has taught 85,000 plus students from over 1400 classrooms in 83 countries via virtual lessons.

6.      During summer vacations, Disale has trained, face to face, more than 16,000 in-service teachers throughout Maharashtra on how they can augment their teaching using technology.

And the most incredible words, from his award speech, which shows his kindness and extraordinariness of his work and personality.


“Teachers are the real change-makers who are changing the lives of their students with a mixture of chalk and challenges. They always believe in giving and sharing. And therefore, I am very pleased to announce that I will share 50% of the prize money equally among my fellow top 10 finalized to support their incredible work. I believe, together, we can change this world because sharing is growing.”


Yes, he is going to share the prize money with other finalists. Atleast, I have not seen such kind of example, where the winner shared the prize money with other finalists, so that it supports their cause and initiative also.


One doesn’t need bunch of opportunities but one moment and zeal is enough to make difference and create a better world. I feel grateful to him for his work and his kindness. I can connect with him because I have been a teacher for 5 years. People like him are there in this world to make it go on. The example of Disale is an inspiration for not only teachers and governments, but for each one of us to take the responsibility of our actions without making excuses of our surroundings, make efforts with honesty and commitment to do something which has not been done yet for a better world, for a better future.