Once upon a time, long ago, long long ago, i dont remember how long, but i remember somehow the journey had started. I came to this three dimensional plane and was welcomed by the experiences of sensations, emotions and feelings. It had welcomed me so much that, i found so many wonderful experiences, some spectacular senses for my eyes, a beautiful moments to cherish… i cant count my experiences because each and every second, the experiences are so new.. i felt those experiences welcomed me without any partiality. So i had been welcomed by the most happy happenings and the worst one with no difference in the hospitality. Both of the experiences invited me equally. But i had developed some clingingness to few experiences and aversion to few others..Yet, the welcoming was the same… Because of my clingingness i started correcting my body and mind, inorder to be welcomed by only the good experiences. But i was wrong. I was repeatedly invited into the wheel of the experiences, both good and bad..Any change in my body or my mind, did not change the experience as such. Either my mind or body was strong enough to accept the situation or it went weak to suffer the situations.
One good day, in fact the best day, i felt not at home at all in this body/mind structure and the whole 3d world! I felt i was a guest to these experiences of ups and downs.. I wanted to return to my forgotten home.. There came many awakened ones, from my home and explained about it. I also had mistaken them to take me to the home. They were the ones who pointed me to home. Later only i came to see the way they showed. Anyhow, When this feeling of longingness arose, the experiences of good and bad didnt matter to me. It was all just a cycle. In spite of all the goods and bads, i realized i was left only with the experiences. If these experiences were real, then i would have felt at home. But that was not the case. So i concluded experiences arent really satisfying the longingness for my home but i had no choice because however far i go, whomever i meet, whatever i do, everything was just fleeting experience. I started digging the source of the experience instead of moving on to new experiences to find my real home. Digging deeper, i realized it was ‘me’ who is experiencing all the experiences. I did not change in any circumstance.I am unchanging everpresent one in all that had happened in my life..I am the source of all that happened in my world…I was the one upon which everything happened. If not me, then no experiences exist…I was the one whose light was reflected as experience. I reached my own home…Once i reached home, i started welcoming the seasons of mind..They were good and they were bad. but this duality doesnt matter at all to me because all of my experiences walere anchored to me , the stillness..I am the still ,the silent one upon which experiences shine upon..And what next???Do you want to know the reality of my house and my family??!Thats the loveliest part and i would be so happy to introduce them to you.. 🙂 Actually when i entered My home i realised it was not Mine anymore but it is the home of all…All of you, all of the existence has the same home..the only home ..I dont exist seperately and you dont either…I am You and You are That..and That is all that is!!!! All our experiences vary..but these are just expressions happening from the source in its own way…Theres nothing seperate but just the expressions in their unique way…We are all unique in the expressions but essentially WE ARE THAT….Love you all and its just the same as loving my self

Thank you for your time in reading this…

Love & Peace,
Vani Om Anandi

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