Namaste to whole Osme family🙏

Today, I am sharing my English poem. I lessly write in English, I am like- dil to Hindi me hi hai 😊. But here is an English poem. Hope you like it and guide me from wrong way.

The Real You

Get up, Come on, Get up

Gather your potential

Collect all your beams

To go and lighten the

Inner spaces of yours

Be yourself, be that one

Which you are born to be.

Come on, Get up, Get up

Gather your potential

They are waiting for you

Milestones need to be crossed away

With closed eyes for moments

You’ll see, A drama is going on

there, But it’s only a drama

And, you are a destroyer

Because it is your creation.

That’s why my soul, my mind,

my dreams, wishes and all of me

Corporate with me, Struggle on

the mountains and trenches

To see beyond limit of thought

And, ‘That’ is eagerly waiting

To dissolve you in thyself

Who is ‘You’, The Real You.

-by me

Thank you for reading.

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Best wishes and Thank you.

Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash