The research that never fails or maybe 1“What brings you here today!” Exclaimed Ashutosh.

“Well, can’t one visit just without any reason! Is my relationship with you is only a transaction?”

“My dear!” He said,” Relationship is a transaction. Now, what brings you here? Let me guess, either you want to discuss something, ask something or say something.”

” Look who’s guessing! The one who knows everything is putting on an act to guess something. The mortals would have given you an Oscar for your incredible acting.”

“What’s an Oscar? See, I don’t know everything about your world affairs!” Said Rudra, seeming innocent.

” Oh! Yes. I totally forgot who I am talking to. The one who gave theatrics to the whole humankind. How can I get in par with the founder!” I said, sarcastically.

We laughed our hearts out and then I asked,” Where is Maa? ”

“Mahadevi is doing her household chores. You know during this season, she can’t sleep on the ground as it is raining heavily all the time so she along with the ganas are preparing the caves.  Who can say that she is enlightened and the source of all fortunes!” Exclaimed Adideva.”The more I see her devotion, the more I become devoted to her.”

As he said this, he got up, took his trident, and said, “Let’s take a stroll, shall we?”

The research that never fails or maybe 2

As we strolled down the way, Shambho brought me down to the beautiful lake that never misses to catch my eye.

“Now. Do you want to talk to me as your Ishta or as a Tridev?”

“Actually!” I scratched my head to ask the question.

“Don’t hesitate. If you hesitate from me than there is no one you can rely on.”

“Mahadev! I would like to ask something that is related to your work as Bhagwan. Many of us do your bhakti, sadhana, and Tapasya in so many ways. When do you decide to appear before them and provide the benediction they seek? Are there any benchmarks?”

“Why? Is someone doing your Tapasya?” He said, mockingly.

” Who would do mine? Moreover, I don’t have enough power to provide benediction to anyone. I was just asking.”

“Well, you don’t know for sure. Anything can happen but still, the answer to your question is, Yes. We do look for something in the tapasvi to see if it is the time to provide benediction or not.

“Well, what is it?”

” When someone does Tapasya of any Deva/Devi, the tapasvi is basically doing an inner exploratory research to find the ultimate truth. He uses different tools and technologies like mantas and kriyas at his /her disposal to search for the truth. Many of them use the standardized tools of sadhana vidhis, given in the scriptures where many established sadhaks have documented their experiences on what worked for them. It is safe to walk a path in which someone has already traversed their journey. We wait for the time where the tapasvi has realized an aspect of the truth worthy enough for the benediction he/she is seeking. If the benediction is of a greater value, the realization aspect should also match. That is the reason different seekers get benediction at different time intervals and at different stages. It can be compared to a research scholar doing research on different topics and at different levels. When they complete their research they all get awarded with a PhD but the quality differs and according to that their recognition.

A tapasvi’s research is relative to the truth he/she doesn’t know. The more one doesn’t know, the more aspects he/she can discover and the more easier for him/her to get awarded with a benediction. Whereas when a deva/Devi do Tapasya, they have to do very high-quality research in very little unknown aspects of truth and the methods they have to use should be more advanced than others. This is the reason that Devas take a longer time than asuras to complete their Tapasya and their methods implied are also very hard. See in the case of your Mother. She wanted to get me as her husband as her benediction so her Tapasya was very harsh and for a longer duration and someone who asks for wealth or fame has to do a relatively novice research to be awarded with such a level of benediction.”

: Then why do many of the tapasvis get under the grasp of Maya when it is time for them to ask for benediction?’

“Because many of the tapasvis are like the research scholars who do research not because they want to discover some truth but they do so to earn the recognition, to get awarded by a Ph.D. degree. How many have you come across who are enjoying the duration of the research, they are doing? Despite of the quality of their research guide/guru, they are just doing the formality. For such either the research doesn’t get completed or if it does get completed due to the hard work and recognition of the Guru, the long term results are not auspicious for the tapasvi,”

“Then what is the role of a Guru in a tapasvi’s Tapasya ?” I asked, bewildered.

” A guru is similar to a research guide who has already traversed the path of Tapasya or research. A good guru will know the tapasvi and according to the tapasvi;s personality and level of awareness, provide him with such kriyas/technologies and mantras/tools which are most suitable to him. However, it is up to the tapasvi, if he/she wants to take it or not. A guru is always looking at how to complete his d9sciple’s research as quickly and as easily as possible. And a guru’s recognition can help the tapasvi’s Tapasya to get a recognition more quickly and more easily.”

“Oh, I see! However, I do have one more question.”

“Ask,” He said, smiling.

“A devotee doesn’t do Tapasya to get a benediction or even if he/she does, why doesn’t he/she ask for any benediction. He/she just wants to catch a glimpse of his/her Bhagwan. Isn’t the devotee at a loss when you ask him/her for a benediction and they just simply refuse it?”

He laughed for some time then said,” There are two kinds of people, devotees and dealmakers. Dealmakers make deals and they get what they want depending on the work they have done. It is for all the tapasvis who want to do Tapasya only to get benediction. They are goal-oriented. They want to grasp the truth that is unknown to them and get some powers. Others are devotees, they do Tapasya either to be one with us or to please us, not to get anything simply because they just want to give, not thinking what will they get in return. They are completely involved in the process of the research, not the end goal. And as a result, they don’t know the truth, they become the eternal truth. They become US, and as a result, get all our powers as well as our qualities.”

Looking straight into my eye, he said,” Now, tell me who’s at a loss!”

“Well, we all know, who!”Saying this I took a dip into the lake.